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In addition to the first thread about the Forged pistons, here is another one about the Connecting Rods of the N14 engine.


A little intro to the stock con-rods...
They are designed as an A-beam with a tapered pin end accommodated by the special designed pin end on the stock Mahle piston. The stock weight of the rod is 460gr and the length is 138,53mm.

Carrillo Connecting Rods:
Carrillo has produced a con-rod for the N14 engine which is a straight PRO-H beam and was meant to fit the CP pistons (CP-Carrillo is the same company) which don't have a tapered pin end. Some key info about them and in parenthesis my individual requirements:

  • Part No. code of the straight PRO-H beam: BM_BR56_0HS_5454B5S
  • Rod length 138,53mm
  • Style PRO-H beam
  • Carrillo Bolt size 5/16
  • Pin-end width 20,88mm (custom made tapered blade exactly as stock)
  • Bore-end width 20,88mm
  • Bore-end bore 48,00mm
  • Pin size 20mm
  • Carrillo Multi Phase Bolts
  • Weights: Total-459gr Rotate-311gr Reciprocating-148gr
  • (Tapered PRO-H beam): Custom made to my requirements. This strong configuration can handle extreme engine loads. The tapered beam allows for some weight saving on the reciprocation end and gives increased clearance for boxed pistons.

Some further info about Carrillo conrods:



The con-rods are currently being produced by Carrillo for me. Once they are with me I'll update this thread.

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I'm pretty sure that Carillo or it might of been Cunningham were involved with Hubie when he built the engine for the R56 for MINI

They defintley had a set of JE pistons hanging off them

Excellent work Thepenl
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