Forge Induction Kit for Cooper S (R56 N14 engine)

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Installed on my previous Cooper S and removed due to sale of car. Only c.500 miles covered before it was removed and is in excellent condition. The cone air filter is enclosed in a carbon fibre housing (can be removed) and is clean as a whistle.

All jubilee clips (3) will be supplied and hoses/tubes still intact.

Please note this will NOT fit on an R56 JCW as the engine layout differs to that of the Cooper S. I believe it is only compatible with N14 engines but this will need to be verified by Forge.

£130 ONO plus postage.
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Only fits N14 engine, requires complete removal of airbox, can be fitted with a flat head screwdriver and a 20 torx screw driver. can be done in 10 mins. see my RIP build thread as I fitted one in my R56.

Good enclosed unit, doesn't suffer with any heat soak as away from turbo.

Thanks for the additional info, I'm not so good with the technical stuff!
Hi is this still available if so would you take £110 posted?
you still got this

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you still got this

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Jordan, still got it. Pm'd you.
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