Forge BOA Issue- CEL

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I dont know if this has been a problem before if so pleased point me in the right direction.

I have fitted a Forge Blow Off Adaptor to my 07 MCS, After following Forge's instructions of unscrewing the solenoid, putting the BOA on and putting the solenoid back, whenever i drive more than a couple of metres, i get a yellow check engine light on my Rev Counter display, not on my main display speedo. I have gone into Check Info, and it says CC-ID 029. :crying:

Does anyone have any idea what the error code is and how to stop it from appearing?

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This is common when fitting a aftermarket bov.
The BOV has been known to cause the light to come on but i have never had any issues and have had it on for nearly 18 months now.

I would suggest removing it for now.
Should I just ignore the light then? If it is common then it obviously is doing no harm?... Right?
I think these have been discussed before with stock setup being best at the moment.

I would remove it.
Why does the warning light appear then? If there is a chance it may cause an issue, then it wouldn't have been made avaliable to purchase?
Lots of parts are made for these cars that dont always work or fit perfectly.
Lots of parts are made for these cars that dont always work or fit perfectly.
So very true :(
Which Mini did you fit it on? Are there any symptoms apart from the cel?
No, none. and im not having any performance issues... And if i keep the revs down then i get no CEL all together. I suspect it is because the car does not like having an Aftermarket BOA. :(
No performance issues but you have to keep the revs down to prevent warning lights?......
I don't understand what is wrong with using the stock part?
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