For Sale: R56 Samco turbo inlet hose & jubilee clip set (Brand New!)

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Hi guys. :)

This is the very last R56 part I have left for sale.

Brand new, never used, Samco turbo induction hose finished in black. It also comes complete with genuine Samco jubilee clips too.

Genuine reason for sale...... Its taken so long to arrive that I actually sold my car in the mean time!

To give you an idea, the retail price for the induction pipe & jubilee clips is £109 plus postage.

I'm looking for a quick sale, so all I'm asking for is:

£90 including clips and p&p. (SAVE £20 retail price!!)

Payment via PayPal is preferred and must be made as a 'gift' to avoid extortionate charges.

Collection can be made from Newcastle upon Tyne if wanted (save £5 on postage cost)

PM me with any interest, or additional questions.
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BUMP to the top. :)

Anyone interested in this?
2 years on I know <insert thread resurrection pic here> but any chance you have it still?
Sorry mate, no.

Sold it after it went on e-Bay....
I thought as much, was worth a try I guess :laugh:
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