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Hi all, as per my R53 project thread I will be slowly stripping this car of parts, if its not listed, its not off the car so isnt for sale as yet. Parts aren't sold until deposit are sent or fully paid, I wont hold parts until payday or offer any sort of finance

Collection preferred from CV7 especially for larger parts, I can ship smaller parts at buyers expense.

Lots of photos here, if you cant find them, give me a shout and I will send pics across: tweedbeans 2nd R53

Orranje brake duct rears(to be used with either the Cooper S or aero front bumper duct fronts) - £80

Engine Bay
Stock intercooler horns £25
Stock inlet manifold £25

3 piece dash in Porsche RS Green (I also have door cards to match if you want to go green inside) £40 for dash, could do a deal if you wanted door cards too, just need to figure out a price

Cabrio braces SOLD
Aero/JCW front bumper in Porsche RS Green with orranje brake duct fronts, this was new when I bought it, so not cracks repairs etc - SOLD
rsche RS Green SOLD
Leap Bonnet Scoop in Porsche RS Green - SOLD
Front Aero grills with Porsche RS Green lip - SOLD
Aero Sideskirts - SOLD
Yellow intake hose - SOLD
Alcantara interior bits - SOLD
Pro Alloy Header Tank - SOLD
GP Rear bumper textured trim for Cooper S bumper, it has the genuine reflectors painted black but could sand back paint and polish if you wanted them back as reflectors/lights - SOLD
Orciari Scuttle Vents in Porsche RS Green Genuine not copies and they dont make these anymore - sold
Airtec front mount intercooler with yellow hoses sold
Black R50 Cooper Spoiler -needed to fit a GWing - SOLD
Stealth intake - SOLD

I can post up new pictures where required if you can find them on the above flickr account so you can see current condition etc
JUNE 2019 R53 by James Baker, on Flickr

all red by James Baker, on Flickr

My R53 at Curborough July 2017 by James Baker, on Flickr

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Are the anthracite sun visors available for sale ?

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Hi thanks for asking, the headliner etc are not OEM items. I painted bits like the pillars and sun visors in black so they are not OEM anthracite items. I don’t think I will be offering those me for sale.
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