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As title,

This will soon be available,

Nice car,

Work detail will follow,

Price ~£8,000

s-l1600 (2).jpg

s-l1600 (7).jpg
s-l1600 (5).jpg

More pics to follow, deposit secures ;O)

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Spec on the car is:

Model series: MINI Coupé R58 / Sales description: Coop.S JCW / Body:Coupé Equipment specification:ECE / TYPE:SX52 / Transmission:SX52 / Steering:Right Production date:11.25.2011 / Paintwork: 850 / Upholstery: FKE1 Vehicle data

Designation Value

Doors 2

Engine N14

Displacement 1.6

Output (kW) 155


Ptwk. 850 pepper-white

Upholstery FKE1 Cloth/leather "Ray"/carbon-black

I level (ex works) R056-11-11-500

I level (current) R056-13-11-500

Individual equipment false

Filling quantities

Filling quantity for Replacement volume in litres Note

Coolant with AC 7.5 Manual transmission: lifetime oil filing

Coolant without AC 0 Manual transmission: lifetime oil filing

Rear axle 0 Manual transmission: lifetime oil filing

Engine (N14) 4.2 Manual transmission: lifetime oil filing

Transmission (GS6-53BG) 1.9 Manual transmission: lifetime oil filing

Brake 1 Manual transmission: lifetime oil filing


Code Description

Series equipment

0210 Dynamic stability control

0255 Sports leather steering wheel

02P8 MINI LA wheel, Cross Spoke Challenge

03A1 JCW aerodynamic kit

0481 Sports seat

04AA Headlining anthracite

04AU Extended decorative scopes

04BD Interior surface Piano Black

04CU Interior colour, Carbon Black

04UF Sport button

0507 Park Distance Control (PDC), rear

0520 Fog lights

05AA Rear fog light

05DT Dynamic traction control

0736 2nd radio remote control key

0842 Cold-climate version

0853 Language version, English

Optional equipment

01CA Selection of COP-relevant vehicles

0230 Extra package, EU-speciifc

0249 Multifunction f steering wheel

0258 Tyres with runflat properties

02PA Locking wheel bolt

02RV MINI LA wheel in black

0302 Alarm system

0314 Door mirror, driver lock, heated

03A2 Black headlights

03A3 Roof and mirror caps, red

03A8 Sport Stripes, red

0423 Floor mats velours

0473 Armrest front

0493 Storage compartment package

04C1 Colour Line Carbon Black

0502 Headlight cleaning system

0522 Xenon Light

0534 Automatic air conditioning

0550 On-board computer

0563 Light package

05DA Passenger airbag deactivation

05DD Lifting jack

0620 Voice control

0654 DAB tuner

06FP Radio MINI Visual Boost

06NE Mobile-phone prep.,Bluetooth + USB/audio

06NF Music interface for Smartphone

06NM MINI Connected

06UM MINI navigation system

06VC Control, Combox

0785 White direction indicator lights

07L5 Wired

0812 National version England / Ireland

0872 Equipment "Chili"

0877 Omission of non-combined operation

0880 On-board literature, English

08S2 Coding, alarm signal

08SM Car ident. number visible from outside

08SP Control unit COP

08TG Thiefproofing device

Obviously the roof and mirrors have been changed to black and the JCW steering wheel added, otherwise not a bad spec imo.

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at this juncture the car has three bald tyres, one burst, one almost on wear bars

the front pad sensor severed

no clutch operation - later finding the hard line corroded/disintegrating

a totally knackered AGM battery

zero fuel

a seized nsf locking bolt - later to shear the key

heavily corroded coolant return pipe from turbo to header/stat housing

all service items up including MOT

bit grubby

otherwise nice car.


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at this point some temporary wheels and tyres (really very nice ones) have been installed for the MOT, mounting faces on the discs scotch brite cleaned and greased,

front and rear pad sensors renewed

engine bay initially cleaned and under bonnet

new AGM battery installed and registered

all fault codes scanned, report saved, cleared, adaptions reset (not Vanos at this stage), no faults returned,

in car settings reset, old Bluetooth devices deleted, personalised settings etc.

car interior initially cleaned

car exterior initially washed and clay wiped


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tomorrow am I'll be at BMW collecting the turbo coolant return line

a clutch hard line

a new remote key and blade, the other is ok but I like to supply two for you,

a Pepper White touch in stick

the MOT is booked for tomorrow pm so will see how I get on, if I get the gears back the first step is go and get some super unleaded in it,

when I change the coolant return pipe (which is not leaking, just heavily corroded) I will flush the coolant and refill with OEM blue coolant I always use

I will also change the engine oil and filter regardless of whether done recently, I note the engine below the filler cap is remarkably clean compared to most I see

more to follow

the car is £8,000 ovno

deposit secures
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