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I have decided to make a seperate thread to compile all our pictures into for quicker / easier browsing of the 'good bits'

So here we go... UPDATED 21/10/11

Current Spec
K&N RU 2820 Air Filter 3" outlet
Solid 3" pipe to Rotrex
Rotrex C30-94 - Mr Fast mounting bracket
GRS Custom Front Mount- Garrett Core 10 x 7.9 x 3.5"
Greddy S Recirculating BOV
GTT 63mm Throttle Body
Thumper Ported Inlet Manifold
Phenolic Inlet Gasket (port matched)
Ric Wood CNCHeads Head: Stock Inlet Valves, +2.0mm GS Valves Enlarged Exhaust Valves
Uprated Valve Steam seals – Custom E30 m3
Crower beehive Valve Springs
Crower Titanium Retainers
RMW Race Cam v3
850cc Bosche Motorsport Injectors
NGK XXX Spark Plugs
Stock Head Gasket- copper ones too to raise or lower compression if we need/want to
RMW Arias Pistons 9.25:1 Compression
RMW Conrods
Balanced Stock Crank - Ricwood
OEM Bearings (mahle will be used when we get them)
FX 400 clutch and Flywheel
OS Giken LSD
Driveshaft shop 450whp driveshafts with Rubber sealed bearings
Baffled Sump with Dimple plug
Twin Mezziere Controlled Hi Flow Water Thermostats and housings
Davis Craig EWP80 water pump used as a helper
Oil coolers for Rotrex and Engine
HEL oil lines with Magnom in-line magnetic filters
Tony Law Custom Race Manifold & Exhaust – 4 AFR bungs in the Primary tubes.
Steve Lancaster ~30ltr custom foam filled race tank with roll over vent
Holley Red LP HV lift pump
Aeromotive HP Fuel pump
Jegs fittings and hose -8 to -6 return
Aeromotive Platinum Adjustable Fuel pressure regulator
'brownfloof' fuel return system with Aeromotive Low and High Pressure Filters
1320 Fuel Rail
GRS Water Radiator - boot mounted with Spal pull fans x 2 (13.5'')
1320 Standalone ECU
Cosworth 3 bar Map sensor

Steve Lancaster / Pro Speed Custom 8 Point Welded Roll Cage
Chassis Seam Welded by Steve Lancaster
Shell Body work lightened - removal of extra skins etc
Powerflex Poly bushed wishbones etc
1320 / Vibratechnics solid Engine and Gearbox Mounts
BSH lower Engine mount

KW 2-Way Race Coilovers (mini challange) 698 lb Front and 900 lb Rear springs
R56 rear trailing arms - 2kg lighter per side
Steve Lancaster Re-enforced Caster Adjustable Strut Tops
IE 22mm Rear Anti Roll Bar
Mini One 17mm Front Anti Roll Bar
KAV Motorsport upper and lower rear control arms
TSW adjustable drop links Front and Ireland Engineering rear

OEM R56 'S' Calipers Front
Performance Friction 2 piece discs 294x22mm
Carbotech xp12 Pads
OEM Rear Calipers
Brembo drilled rear discs 259x10mm
Carbotech XP8 Pads
HEL complete braided lines
Orranje Challange brake ducts

Due to change to AP 330 x 28mm calipers/discs for 2012

Wheels and tyres
17x8" ET35 Kodiak 3 piece Forged x 4
17x8'' ET 20 Team Dynamics x 8
Rota 17 x 8 -- on order 29/9/11
Copper coated Steel Wheel Nuts
85mm Stud Conversion hubs

Steve Lancaster Prepped
Flocked Dash
Racetech gauges for Fuel level /Oil pressure /Oil and Water temps/ Revs
Sparco Evo seats set as far back as possible on custom rails with TRS harnesses
AP Racing Peddle box & reserviors
Compbrake Hydraulic handbrake
Custom Steering Column – set back XXXmm
Gear stick raised and moved back with Shortshifter and solid mounts - 150mm higher and 170mm further back
Lengthened gear cables
1.2mm Aerospace Alloy Door Cards
Mikroh 900Amp Race Battery – 0.6kg
Heated OEM front screen

Weight Saving
Plastics4performance lexan windows
Orranje Race Bonnet
Orranje Race Boot
Orrange Race Doors
Orranje Challange Front Bumper
Shell completely stripped of all non essentials skins and brackets

LRS Custom Flat floor
LRS Custom Rear Diffuser
LRS Custom Front Splitter and Engine Guard
Twin element Adjustable rear wing

Custom Side Air intake ducts - for the radiator
Modified wider arches
Hella 90mm headlights
Twin PIA light weight horns
FIA Rain light

It all started after Nigel seen this on ebay

We decided to go for it, it was picked up in the land where people have mouths in their nostrils

Underneath the rear


Front view of Strut tower




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Nigel isnt the best at taking pictures (as you'l see below) but they do get better as time goes on :laugh:

Rear arch liner cut out - we will make a carbon piece to replace it


Something else

Another thing



And this heavy bastard beam will be coming out

Roof off - considering making one out of carbon. With it off it makes working in/on the car alot easier

Rear wheel arch completely gone :)

Had a good day working on the shell today, cut out 8.2kgs and we have found a good few more places to lose a bit of beef :)

Here are some pics, we started with it like this

Then I was let loose with the grinder :)

Pointless cover was spot welded on at the rear

Didnt last long

Nige with a face full of sparks

How we left it today


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When Brownpants is away, the Floof will play :devil: ... did this this morning :)

We removed a futher 8.7kgs from it today - expected more but as ever - there is more to come. Total removed from it is 25.1kgs give or take a few grams.

This bit looked heavy

Then I set about doing the boot floor

The two remaining 'beams' will be removed come cage time

This bit on the floor 1 looked heavy and 2 looked like it was just there for crash protection

Removing weight from the front end is always a good thing - and its handy having the yellow car here so we can see if anything mounts off the bits we are cutting



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Cage lying waiting - T45 and light

New tunnel made and look at that welding !

Just showing how naked the shell is - he has been tidying a few areas up that Floof made a mess of lol

Just to piss Floof off

Here you can see the rear lights and fuel filler filled over - the lights are small ones ( any good suggestions ? ) . The fuel filler is a flush type but in a slightly different place

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Here you can see the Harness bar is bent in order to clear the main hoop

This one shows the rear subframe mount and the tank box which is still being finished

This shows how close Steve gets things

Steve holding the tank box whilst Ian tacks it in

Look at this porn !!!!!

I arrived a bit early which allowed me to see them work for 10 minutes

This shows how the cage was designed with the latest design using a V shape for the roof and back brace which forms a big cross over the whole cage ><

A new fuel inlet was needed

Front bar passing through to the strut tower . As yet the cross in UHF front and dash bar are not in

The roof around the A pillar

Beautifully gusseted main cross

The Boxed in area - this will house the tank on the right , the battery and steering pump on the left within a separate firewalled box . In between the extinguisher is being mounted - again Steve has a great idea

Just look how much further forward into the shell these beauties go - my Safety Devices one was level with the hole you can see

Tell tale cuts where the heavy middle skin has been removed

The B pillar gusset - more are going on the A pillar as expected

Front Cross to Strut towers coming through bulkhead

Pedal Box

Nice new gear stick position

Steering wheel position getting mocked up - TBC

Steve has made a box to hold fuel cell, fuel pumps, extinguisher etc

Seat Rail

Extra Reinforcement / stiffening bar

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Update 30-Jan-11

Nigel has went to collect the shell from Steve today so we can get things bolted into it and it looking more like a car. Get it to tony law, get it to GRS before it returns to steve for the final jobs.

Here is the stearing column - I dont know how much further back it is in total - but its a fair bit :)

Our dash - rev counter, oil press, oil temp, water temp and fuel level - the essentials

AP peddle box mated to oem throttle position sensor

AP Reserviors

Fire extinguisher + brake balance

Jacking Points

Air Intakes for the rad

Pulling fans beneath the rad

Rad box

General Exterior pics on the trailor as it departs for Nigels


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Interior painting - Fiat baby blue with 50% white added as it looked a bit gay :lol:

Couple wee pics - nothing exciting. Got the engine bits back from ric yesterday - all good.

Also have the front and rear subframes mounted, the rear trailing arms / hubs. Front wishbones, hubs, brakes, suspension

Renault racing blue went on 2 hours ago

^^^ this one shows Ian - the painter supreme ( only 2 flipping flies this time in the lacquer ) but as he said when leaving ' not bad for 2 cocks in a garage':lol:


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Sub frames too have been painted as they looked a bit shit.
Brake / power steering lines have arrived from HEL - very good service and quick turn around from [email protected] so thanks for that


We have an engine :)

hi-flow fuel filter position

AFPR position

Rotrex Position (its not connected so wont actually be on the ground when fitted :lol: )

General pics of it on the ground now its rolling

Engine Back out

Yes its a 4-2-1 manifold :wink:

Re-packable silencers too :)

Kodiak Custom 3 Piece Forged 17x8" Wheels

Cars back on the trailer and on the way to steve tomorrow to finish off the body / floor / doors / strut tops etc :)

Diffuser will be built around this spoot

Love our new wheels and the colour looks alot better outside in the day light :)


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orange looks a bit wank

Our new caster adjustable top mounts are made (caster is set at minimum in these pics)

Switch box is made

Driver cooling

Quick and easy release bonnet

Front bumper with headlights and indicators

Doors and windows are on

Extinguisher / Electric cut out pulls

Vented A-Panels

Big Gay Wing mocked up :)

Our Jack Stands

We are using one of these on our build :)

'cnc heads' head by ric wood :)

Nige has just picked the car up from Steve - heres what he has been working on...
Water pipes are complete

Under the passenger sil

Up through passenger foot well - nice cover :)

Dash has been fully flocked

You can see the bling vent in this one

Rad air exit duct cut into rear bumper

Better pic of A-Panels


Bumper and bonnet on - you can see in this pic how the bonnet is attached - two aero catch pins at the rear, and if you look at the grill you can just make out two locator pins

NACA Ducts in rear window - window not yet riveted in

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General exterior pics. No wheel gap comments...

Another exterior pic

Grill added to rad exit duct - there will also be nice holes added to the rear bumped for air to exit

Rain light, Exhaust looks squint in the pic

Nige has been busy starting to match the front arches to the wider (orranje) challenge bumper

Today Nige bought and picked up our Ric Wood CNC HEADS Cylinder head - link found in signature

New fuel rail and injectors - still needs the ends welding on


Shiny rear quarter and wing brackets

Nice door - no modern facility in my garage !

Bonnet - arch re worked as shit first time

New Rotrex cooler - the 16 row engine was is in the box

solid engine mount

And 1320 being what they are sent me 'old reds' until the newer race one is ready

Five hours later and Ian has finished prepping the car paintwork before it goes to GRS on wednesday night.
I got the engine in so the Rotrex is in situ for those who can see it - it fits perfectly in every respect so well chuffed with that as it was a bit of a guess - a measured one of course !
The alloy parts I polished up a bit - not overly as I'm not into all that time wasting .
So in two weeks it'll be back sporting an intercooler and water/oil tanks plus lots of stickers if it goes to plan
We LOVE stickers and even more as we know JamesF doesn't:laugh:


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Nearly at GRS - a 4am start:driving:

Arrived safely at GRS HQ :)

Oil coolers are in place too - holes will be drilled in the middle part of the bumper but I bought a 16 row so we had room for the usual bit of cooler that is covered up by bodywork .

And finally - twin thermostats with Roosemotorsport hoses

Air filter will be on the end of here


Sunday weather was blue and so was our car sat waiting for me on the trailer . I then set about getting oil line routing and pipe lengths sorted for my Monday visit to Hel in Exeter - all went well with Floof helping on the phone too . Our jobs included brake line checking in case they need adjusting , a few stickers etc etc


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Accusump place chosen :

HEL oil lines made up

Smooth out rear bumper support - to improve air flow from rad exit a bit

Brake ducts trial fitted - pieces removed from front beam

Airtabs bought for aero

Few little things have been tinkered with over the last few days

The next one is the fuel rail as I was sorting the fittings and hose retainer points - boring and not easy under the car either

Fuel pressure regulator

Exhaust wrap was applied - not easy and very itchy ! The tailpipe is left as that allows us to pack the silencer should we need to and the portion after the 4-2-1 has to be done once all in situ otherwise the wrap is too thick to allow it to fit .

The fuel vent hose goes back down the B pillar and through the sill plate

Airtabs added to the roof - may remove the outer one from each side

Got the 450hp updated drive shafts on without a hitch and here's a picture showing the clearance with the Megan spacers for 17 inch wheels .

Next up was to relocate the steering pump so here's a nice empty subframe - well nearly

And here's where it goes now - still down low but 6kg shifted to the back

Then I wanted to use the original pipework as much as possible as if you've ever cut it open you'll know it's all different inside diameters despite it's outside appearance so we hope to use as little new pipe work so keeping flows the same . This is how far it reached from the rack

New gear cables ready for a bracket

Then it was nice to be able to fit the oil lines neatly without the steering pump in the way . The silver block is the in-line Magnom filter which is extra to the normal oil filter . It T's off through the bulkhead to the Accusump

Here's the Accusump ( used to keep oil pressure up if it drops below a pre set level )
The fire extinguisher as crap as it is is going there until we add an electric one too

Here is where the new steering fluid reservoir will probably go which is behind the drivers seat

So here are some pics of brake ducts etc

The extinguisher has moved and will eventually be supplemented by an electric one in the future and Ian is giving us extra feeds for things such as this and camera power to catch the fun

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Few more pics

Ecu location

Header tank, will get a new hose frome roose

Flocked door cards made from 1.2mm aerospace alloy

All the above photos are of Steve and myself finallising the floor , angles, lengths etc so ignore most things - it's just the general idea
The rear diffuser has worked out better than we'd even hoped leaving us more room for radiator air exit from the back and the exhaust will be raised 30mm to allow it to be full car width too .

Lee and I have opted for a 1.3lb Mikroh 900A battery too which will be ready for us soon .


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