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So the GFB DV is made for the automatic N18, but it WILL fit the manual vehicle.

I don't have any photos yet but it is quite easy when you know how.

1. First take the stock DV off and replace this with the correct side of the GFB.

2. Take the stock DV and remove the piston, spring and membrane, inspect it and see if it's broke, if like mine it isn't you'll probably think whats the point, but after taking the bloody thing off, the thought of putting it back on should convince you to go ahead with the GFB. Take the second half of the GFB and install the new spring and pison and connect to the stock DV.

(Terrible instructions so far but you basically follow the guide up to this point)

3 .Now, take the two vacuum hoses and connect them to the DV you have in your hand (These are quite helpful if you need to get the DV out)

4. Into the engine bay, remove the bolt holding the washer bottle on, lift it up and rotate it anti clockwise so the bolt faces out of the engine bay (if you haven't done so already) rest it against the edge of the engine bay, you can cable tie if needbe as there is a helpful hole. Under the washer bottle you can see the gear selector arm, to move this out of the way either push it or put the car into reverse, this gear moves the arm up and to the right furthest from the engine giving the most space.

5. Now this is out of the way look down into the engine bay where you removed the stock DV, under that is the oil filter and under/near that is a black bracket. The guides for the automatic N18 shows to install the GFB on this bracket in the spare hole, however on the manual it does not fit as the gear selector then hits the DV in 2nd, 4th and 6th. You can follow the guides up to this point.

*Interval* The walk around for the manual is simple, I figured this out with a friend in around 2 hours and we are not mechanics, it can be done with one person however i'd highly recommend having a friend with a torch and a ratchet extension. On the same bracket as where the spare hole is, is a blue switch, the blue switch has a white cable, the white cable is held in by two clips almost on top of each other.

6. The top clip we are going to bin off, pull the cable from this (it literally falls out), get some pliers on the metal clip and pull it out with some twisting and force, it will probably ping off somewhere and end up on the floor (make sure it does make it out of the engine bay). Both clips are not really needed but you can cable tie this cable for peace of mind. Pulling out this metal clip leaves you a hole (huzzah!) which you will be mounting on. It is fiddly but it works.

7. Now why you need to put the vaccum pipes on the DV before installing, you will be installing the DV upside down almost facing the floor, the plug will face the gearbox housing and the stock end of the DV pointing up. Tighten the bolt and as you do so (helpful with another person) slightly push down on the plug with a ratchet extension to keep the DV as low as possible.

8. Once tight connect the pipes as the manual shows reaching down and pulling the cables up, you can cut to size if you wish or cable tie them out of the way making sure they don't kink, foul anything, rest against anything that gets hot or get caught by the gear selector arm.

9. Once complete get another person to sit in the car and slowly work through the gears and watch how close 6th gear comes, it is VERRRYYY tight! You should get a 1-2mm of space.

10. Replace the water bottle and all is complete! GFB installed. Now stop swearing and realise that was just as difficult as resintalling your undamaged stock one :lol: nevermind!
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