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Hello from the beautiful Engadin valley in Switzerland.

I've recently bought a lovely condition R53 Park Lane Cooper S. It is a 2 owner (before me) car and looks like it has lived a cherished life.

Our 'main' car is a current-model Alpina B5 Touring. That car was proving a bit big for narrow country roads so we wanted to add something that was small yet fun to drive for driving around the local roads. I also yearned for a manual gearbox and a more analogue feel. Realistically it's going to stay on country roads (80 km/h speed limits) and rarely stray far away from home.

Cloud Tire Wheel Mountain Sky

The Mini exploring the Julier Pass last weekend.

The goal is to keep it as original and good condition as possible. We've taken it to a local garage who we trust and their assessment is that there was nothing that needed doing.

I've made two changes so far. I've installed a DAB / bluetooth receiver (Pure Highway 600) and given it a couple of sets of new mats. We couldn't source original Mini ones so I ordered a set of winter mats from Weathertech which fit like a glove and these decadent deep lambswool overmats which we had custom-made for the car. They're 25mm deep super-soft sheepskin with a quilted leather heel protector, pretty much identical to those you can order for a modern Rolls Royce. It is a bit of fun but seemed to be in keeping with the ethos of the Park Lane.

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Next thing is to see how it drives on snow. We have 2 sets of the original Mini wheels one with summer and the other winter tyres.
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