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Not sure 100% if I will be selling these but if someone want them, I might let them go.

These wheels have done less than 5000 miles since new, I purchased these off pd240 and he had only done 500 miles on them. I am getting new wheels so these will no longer be needed.

I paid £400 for these without tyres, I am looking for £300 just the wheels, £450 for wheels + tyres (Falken 205/40/17 plenty of tread, they have done the same mileage as the wheels).

I can get more detailed pics if required, all wheels are perfectly straight and balanced, front left has very light kerbing that can be repaired for £55 but its not a big issue, just light scratching.

I believe offset is +42 but I need to confirm this.

I think the prices are fair and I am not that willing to negotiate.

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