Ducks MCS

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Current spec list as of 17-11-2013

- Carrillo rods
- CP pistons
- Balanced crank
- Custom intake manifold
- Custom exhaust manifold
- Ported and polished head
- Catcams
- Garrett gt2871r
- Oil cooler with thermostat
- Goodridge hoses and couplings
- Evolve intercooler
- Race radiator (Lohen)
- Stock ECU (so far)
- FX400 clutch with lightened flywheel
- Powerflex black bushes for the lower engine mount
- AIM wideband o2 sensor
- ARP head studs
- ARP main studs
- Oil catch can
- Forge blowoff valve
- Aliant lithium battery
- Custom exhaust with Burns stainless dampers
- OS Giken LSD

- Custom Cobra 3 way coilovers with camber and caster top mounts
- Extended tie rods
- Extended ball joints
- Custom Front arm rear pickup ball joints
- RMW rear control arms
- Onasled rear pickups’s

- AP cp6720 calipers
- Ferodo DS2500
- 330x28mm disks
- Custom AP bells for MINI with 5x114.3 PCD
- Goodridge brake lines

- Wiechers 6 point cage with FIA cert
- Bride Zieg III type-R seats
- Schroth 6 point harness

- Nardi deep corn 330mm steering wheel
- Rennline quick release
- Real brushed aluminium dash inserts
- Alcantara dash top
- Alcantara color line
- Alcantara door arm rests
- Grey/silver elements either painted or replaced by black parts
- AIM MXL Pista digital dash
- Rennline pedals
- CAE shifter

- Seibon carbon hood
- Removed fog lights to fit air filter and oil cooler
- Challenge wing
- Challenge diffuser

- Enkei 17x9 et35
- Yokohama a048 225/45/17
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Awsome Love the martini stripes :)
Loving what you've done with the car. Stance is spot on. I even dig the vinyl!
Awesome - read through the 25 pages on MU, epic MINI! :D
Have always loved this car, cant wait to see whats next.
After I destroyed my splitter on the motorway it was time to make a new one. This time a bit bigger with winglets ;)

Working in the lab:

Basic shape was made with pvc foam. Covered with carbon. Underside it made out of kevlar.
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Very nice! I like everything you have done with this car.
Stunning :thumbup1:
After seeing what you're thinking of doing to this car in the not too distant future, people ain't seen nothing yet! :thumbup1:

Thought i'd post this up in here while i'm at it


@James: get me my wheels NOW!! :tongue_smilie:
amazing is the carbon hard to lay?
It does require some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's alright. The second splitter is gonna look a lot cleaner. Might redo mine of I feel like it.
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Great looking car! Any pics/details on the 5x114.3 redrill?

@James: get me my wheels NOW!! :tongue_smilie:
They'll be with you soon enough :tongue_smilie: lol
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