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Random but if anyone here is looking for a bike or knows someone who is, this is for sale still,

I guess because it's a Ducati this one will be considered to have a stigma attached more than some other bikes, which is that it's 'Cat N repaired', by me.

It's actually a one owner bike with 13k, it didn't hit anything but went over the bars so the damage was the nosecone and brake reservoir plus the seat unit which was flattened as it landed. It slid upside down briefly so scratched the special 21ltr aluminium tank and right fork rebound adjuster which still works. I've left these two things but fitted a Chinese replica body kit of the original colour scheme, renewed the original magnesium fairing support, levers, clutch master cylinder only due to a tiny scratch, front brake reservoir, and right exhaust can which had a tiny dent from the seat unit. I also renewed (all with nice used stuff from the US, the radiator and oil cooler as the paint flakes on them, and had done on the originals which I still have here.

all pre and post repair pics are available, all displaced parts are retained, so good evidence is here for what happened which supports my description unlike any other repaired machine.

£5.5k gets it.

V5 present and two keys. MOT'd to May. Will need rear tyre imminently as advised on test, price factors this in.

The SE is a rapid machine, they are factory tuned, with a 21 litre tank, 330mm front brakes, 12 step 1098R Superbike traction control, ABS, Brembo Monobloc calipers, factory performance cams, TB's, ECU etc. 140hp from an 848. Also this has an Ohlins rear shock, Showa fronts, quick shifter, rumbles/pops/bangs sometimes on overrun as standard haha, would suit a Mini owner 😂

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