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I have a flat spot between 2500 - 3500 RPM in all gears but the car pulls like a train below and above those figures; I'm getting 33MPG average, short journeys around town mostly so no obvious deterioration there.
I get P111b - Mass or Volume Air Flow va O2 Sensor Too Low (Bank 1) - once a week or so and it goes away after a day or two so I thought I'd have a look at the MAF sensor. Can I find it? Can I ***! I followed the air route from the hose at the grille to the air filter (which is brand new and pristine) and then down the left side of the engine (as you're looking at it from the front) and to the throttle body, no sign of a MAF sensor and I can't reach or see past the throttle body. I assume it's below that? A bit unusual, I thought they're normally before it. Or do I have a VAF sensor instead, and again, where do I find it?
Any help please, ta!
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