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From daily to track toy - PROJ3CT R53

Hi, my name is David and this is my MINI R53 :)

First Track day


EBC Greenstuff Front
Motul RBF 600
Goodridge Braided Hose Kit
EBC Front Brake Discs Drilled and Grooved

FMIC Airtec
Alta Intercooler Couplers
Alta Supercharger Pulley Version 2.0 17%
Alta Air Intake System Version 2.0
Alta Air Intake Cover
Magnecor KV 8.5mm Spark Leads
Thermostat 82ºC
Helix Clutch Kit
Superchips Remap
Milltek Cat-back Exhaust System
Janspeed Header 4-1

Wheels & Tyres:
OZ Ultraleggera 17x7 ET37
Federal 595 RS-R 215/40R17

Suspension / Chassi:
KW Variant 1 Inox-line
Eibach Ajustable Control Arms
Powerflex Poly Bushes

Aerokit Front Bumper
Orrange GP Rear Inserts
Black Side Succtles
Black Door Handles
Black Beltline
Black Petrol Cap
Orrange G-Wing V2
Alta Stubby Small
Angel Eyes
CC Headlight rings
CC Front Grille

JCW Gearknob
Gear and Handbrake Alcantara Gaitors
Side Door Handle Alcantara
Outmotoring Dials Dark grey
Black center Pillars
Black Rings
Black Side Door Panels

Thanks ;)

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Hello my name is David Rodrigues and i am new in this world...

I recently had my driving license and i bought a R53...

Its all stock except the pulley that i put a 15% ALTA, and the crown spoke in black it came with the R-Xlite 16"

Next thing will be a induction ar kit what you prefer ? ALTA or GTT or JCW or DAVEF ?

This is my machine:

PS-Sorry abouy my poor english
Welcome not a bad first car nice one, as for the filter, I wouldn't use the GTT to filter my piss. Dave F is the way to go, inexpensive and the best gains while retaining a complete stock look, the whine is also more addictive. But i'll say it first :lol: you need to kill that wheel gap.

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so for you Dave F is the best ?
Yes from all the testing done, the too best filters are the JCW box and the DaveF. They both give simliar results, they both are the best at keeping heat down. But the dave wins for bang for buck, but you wouldn't be disapointed with ether. Do a search and you find all the back to back tests done with almost every filter option.

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Welcome to MT :)

Nice MINI. Personally I would have kept the X-lites and have them sprayed gloss black. Much more stylish and they are a much lighter wheel than the Crown Spokes, so better handling.

Yes, Dave.f is a must have, but so are coilovers. Imagine your car lowered on coilovers and on gloss black X-lites = WIN

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The Dave.F was tested at the Evolve day recently back to back against the Alta if memory serves me right, think the Dave.F picked up around 4bhp but others will confirm... so yes, Dave.F all the way and he's just stated another thread selling a new batch so get on it mate.

Welcome to MT and nice blank canvas you have there!
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