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I've seen a few times from richs car but looking for times in a tuned supercharged r53, power ranger etc? Mates thinking of buying cooper s but looking at lap times.


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Not really bone stock but not really heavily modded either - I'm building one at the mo -

Off the top of my head -

Toyo R888
IC upgrade
Bushes upgrade
Airbox & filter
330mm Brake setup
BC control dampers
3J diff
Light weight flywheel
Stripped and caged, with driver I think 1150kg, power should be around 200bhp maybe 210bhp - power run for mine when it's done to find out!

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My car did a 53.8 last night at brands :thumbup1:

Jake who'd never driven Brands Hatch before did a 55 best lap but was getting faster and faster as he learnt the track
I don't know if, or think that was my best time. That was the only session I stuck the timer on :lol: And by that time the tyres were well past their best haha.
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How you timing that? That's faster then turbo r53
My dad was timing the cars (again I know you shouldn't on a trackday) also go pro and my friends timing on his phone app supported this.

It may well be faster than an R53 and I wouldn't be surprised tbh, sussex road and race who run in mini challenge were explaining the difference in how the cars weight is allot better distributed on the 56 than 53. I won't quote how much as I'll prob get it wrong but it was noticeable.
Both cars were flying, there is a video on the trackday thread with a 55 sec lap from the last session.
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