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When fitting coilovers would I need drop links?:mellow:
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Not life or death
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Depends if yours are shot or not!! Mine were pretty bad and needed replacing. Went for adjustables in the end, bear in mind you'll only need adjustables if you're going low low!
only looking at about 50-60mm
You should look at shorter drop links down that much.
Mmmm may have to go about 40-50 thinking about it as I have to back the car into the garage on KW springs
If you are going that low shorter drop links would be cheap insurance against future issues.
Can the rears be used on the front and then put adjustables on the back?
Can the rears be used on the front and then put adjustables on the back?
Sorry for the thread resurrection but I think my front droplinks are on their way out so I'm gonna refresh the lot. My car is only lowered 35mm all round so does anyone have any idea what size droplinks would be best for this amount? Obviously I could get adjustable ones but I'm sure there must be something by another manufacturer which will be a bit shorter and do the job. I don't plan on corner weighting or anything so adjustables seem a waste of money really.

I've discovered that the standard drop links are apparently 300mm in the front and 240mm at the rear so what sort of length would suit a mildly lowered car like mine? 270 and 210 perhaps?
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