Buying an R52

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Lining up for an R52, doing my research, can anyone recommend any build threads focused on audio upgrades?

Including R53s if it's similar enough to be relevant?

Thanks in advance
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Before you consider any audio upgrade you need to identify if your car has the Harmon Kardon upgrade fitted or not. Ultimately if you intend on rewiring it all it doesn’t matter, otherwise it will.
I upgraded the speakers on my old R52 with some from vibe the thing to note is the rears are 6 inch not 6x9 line the R53 etc

I also put a pioneer EVO-62 head unit in it which is double din in a single din slot, the screen sits proud but it fits nicely between the speedo and heating controls

Some pics here in my old thread of the speaker install etc

Thanks both

HU is already decided, a few years ago my wife bought me a Pioneer P99rs, so that should go in (best SQ HU ever, 3 way + sub crossovers, time alignment and most importantly, independent left and right 31 band equalisers)
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