109k Cooper S with about 8 keepers in average cosmetic condition sold with new chain and guides, new sump gasket, new rocker cover gasket and plug tube seals, new timing cover seals, new rear main, new LUK clutch, new front screen, just fitting new front pads and discs at the moment (Pagid, so not the cheapest junk), also both lower front outer ball joints (Lemforder),

it has two keys, only one remote working, neither key damaged,

the car had a rotten cat back, so I swapped this for my rarely found original factory one piece one which is in remarkable condition still,

the car isn't mint and isn't in the least portrayed that way, however, it is presentable and overall in ok shape, and that's an honest view,

it has a bit of a rattle or click traversing bumps or irregularities over the drive or road from the back which is ARB related I think, or link rod, the bar was fouling the NSR spring and I've levered it back over and added a jubilee clip to try and help it stay put, not inclined to do more with it as most people are going to end up changing the bar I expect.

forget saving the boot, it's fucked, a bare black Mini One boot is included, get it painted and fit it, or pay £60-£80 or whatever for an ebay BRG one if you want. I won't be. I went to get one hundreds of miles away and the part wasn't even in the country, so quite simply, if you want one go get one yourself 😂

I've cleaned up the rear caliper slide bush bores as people have seen me write about perhaps, I've also rotated the small cube on the neutral gear selector linkage to reduce lateral lever play also written about,

the car has my Web design rims on temporarily, the car actually comes with other R98's really wanting a refurb, or if you want there are some R90 rep's here with 205/40 budget tyres you can have but two of the spigots are missing, they really do want a refurb, and the tyres although having good tread, really are cheap yee haa's. These rims will be on fb marketplace on their own so if they go it'll come with one or other.

if you want it with the ones pictured, pay for them @ £400, they still separate unlike most in existence (one iffy bolt thread btw), and have barely legal 595 RS-R's, even these could do with a refurb as they have some white marks in the sparkle coating and quite a few little blisters which is from running them on track with R56S brakes some years ago, these only really get used to move cars about during wheel refurb,

what else....

if it helps interest I'll install a Newman PH1/2 for £240, which is the retail for the cam alone, or a PH2 if you wish but a 1/2 would suit it,

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the car is quite nice overall, I might make it sound worse than things are, no point in dressing stuff up for what it ain't, it's a good base, described realistically imo.

It's what some would call a 10ft car, everyone likes it they say, I've lent it to several customers over the last few months, the worst thing about the cosmetics is the rust shown, one obvious trolley type ding and then some general fair wear, rot not too bad under the OSR lamp but it's there as you can see, the bonnet has had paint a long time ago and is very slightly off shade, most haven't noticed, the gap was wrong which made it look worse and I've adjusted that, the drivers side I can see in certain light or viewing direction has cracks in or under the lacquer, hard to see at first glance and despite trying won't show in pics at all, but it's definitely there, and then a small ish rust blister low down on the NSR quarter in front of the rear wheel, other than those, just stone chips in the bonnet paint, a few pretty big imo, minor marks, it is an 18yr old car \O/

only interior thing of note is the N/S seat recliner has seized, it's in a normal position now but if it bothers you, get another seat cheap as they are, the trim is all nice enough, I can see the OS dash facia trim isn't quite on right, but nobody has noticed, again I can see it so am telling you I can see it, and a small tear in the gaiter for the park lever below it,

the important bit is the motor is nice enough, it's quieter than some, the car doesn't hang about, and it's in the right colour, those making the effort to see it will probably like it, I don't do armchair haggling😂 so no effort, no response. Lifts to and from stations are no problem.

no work will be done unless the car and stuff required is paid in full, end of. It currently has a full tank of fuel as well, better be quick😂

I'm happy using it as a courtesy car, yet it'd be better sold really, the temptation to fit a turbo conversion to it is rather strong, so someone buy it ffs....😂:unsure::rolleyes:🍻