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Sold my r53 because it was " time to be sensible "
Spent last 4 years regretting it, and have since spent twice what I got for half the thrills (roadster)
The depreciation on the SD would have covered 2 new engines with turbo kits and still gave some change

Yes the tax/mpg looked like awesome savings to me at 1.5k per year,
projected over 10 years it's another car almost foc (my r53 was 17k with change from factory order)
but in reality it's its chicken shit (not feed) you need to Do the maths and take stock, of what you can buy for same or better performance/involvement/fun on the same budget.
Likewise thought the m3 was going to be a better bet than the r53, instantly regretted it, gp2 was an ok stop gap, but nothing like a turbo'd R53, will run my r53 supercharged until i can afford a turbo kit. Such a fast capable car. Anyone got a link ECU for sale?

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841 - 849 of 849 Posts
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