Big Jim’s modded chilli red R53 (225bhp)

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As you may know I’ve decided to sell up the R50 convertible and blue 03 cooper S to fund a newer 06 plate cooper S supplied by carsorbikes

the blue car was starting to become a money pit and I’ll be honest I didn’t really want to sell the convertible but I needed to find the new car, the convertible has (or will be soon be) going to a forum member as a summer car

as for the my new one, it’s an 06 facelift R53 with factory fit LSD, Sean has taken a few bits off the blue car and refitted the to the new one for me, i went over and ‘helped’ last Sunday with things like the exhaust, I’m sure I was a helpful 2nd set of hands!


so off came the bilstein coilovers, miltek exhaust, janspeed manifold and wheels, all of which Sean refitted in the day, it then went back later in the week for the airtek intercooler, MSD coil pack, magnecor leads and catcam to be swapped as well as having a vibratechnics engine mount and my powerflex mounts fitted




This was it at the weekend before I returned it to Sean while I was experimenting with dechroming it, used the black door handle covers off the blue car and a piece of belt line tape I had left over, you can see it covering the door chrome, also put black scuttle vents on too, I like the look of it so have ordered a new roll from kill all chrome to do the job properly when I pick the car up

cosmetically I’ve got the carbon G-wing to go on, got to remove the cooper spoiler though, the atomspeed scoop needs to be fitted too but I may get that professionally painted red to match the car before I refit it (or run it black for a bit), just going to put 2 black LED spotlights on this one as opposed to 4 on the old car I recon, keep this car a bit stealthy!

Internally it will be just the headunit swap for now, putting the double din front/single din rear pioneer unit in it so I don’t need to start cutting the centre console up like I did for the Sony in the blue car, I’ll also upgrade the speakers and fit an so and sub box, again going to see about going stealthy in the front and using the original grilles, mount the speakers behind the door card

performance wise as well as the stuff already swapped over I picked up a pipercross panel filter new off eBay for £13 and last night grabbed me a new 15% Kavs pulley and belt this evening for £70 plus postage, that can be fitted by carsorbikes when I get it back to him in the new year for a supercharger service

Not going to add the superchip bluefin to this one but put the money toward a proper dyno tune/map at 1320 as well as getting them to fit the 550 injectors I had in stock for the blue car

the other major thing I need is the decat removing and a tomcat putting in its place as it’s a bit to noisy for my liking at the minute

so there we have it, just need to pay for it fully on payday and it’s mine, hopefully this thread won’t be like the blue one where I describe how it’s broken again or somethings snapped or gone pop on me in every other post!

And there we have it, new car, new thread, when I collect it, watch this space
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Tis bloody lovely this mate, I cant say Im not envious!

All the shit with the blue one will be worth it once you get ahold of this finally, you've really made a cracking call getting this IMHO 👍👍
you can’t have it, there is nothing on this one for you to clean or tinker with!

collecting it tomorrow morning after the school run, definatly booked in with 1320 on friday for the tomcat, as long as sean doesnt find anything dodgy with the spare cat/manifold ive got for them to make it out of

1320 said they may be able to give it a dyno run depending on time as id be interested to see what power its putting out with just the cam, bigger intercooler, janspeed manifold, miltek exhaust, pipercross panel filter, coilpack and leads, any guesses? (it wont have the 15% pulley or superchip compared to the old car)
i'll have first dibs on it then pal 👍👍🤣

Be to be 200ish crank hasnt it? What you reckon yourself?
So here we go

from rusty old manifold to this.....

Scott has done a fantastic job creating a tomcat from my existing cat cut out from the old manifold

after that was done and fitted the car was strapped down for a dyno run to see what sort of power it was putting out before the 15%pulley is fitted along with a proper bytronic remap and 550 injectors

The final result being 165 bhp at the wheels which equates to 195 bhp at the crank

had a little friend keeping an eye on me today as well
I was close on the power mate 😂 👍

Cars looking great, really liking the G Wing/Cooper spoiler 👍
And on with the spotlights, just need to wire them up next, I originally fitted them with self tappers but the screw heads were showing through the grille so I drilled out the hole slightly and fitted some nuts and bolts
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View attachment 102027

looking good
View attachment 102028

View attachment 102029

wire them in tomorrow hopefully and maybe get the amp up and running too
Looking good Jimbo!👍
Shes looking lovely Jimbo! Looks fresh all cleaned up 🤜🤛
Nice one pal, glad to hear the pulley swaps bought it back to how it was and great job on the seats they look cracking 👍👍
it wasn't the pulley swap today, just a shorter belt, as the one supplied was simply too long for the 15% pulley they supplied, whoever supplied it.

fyi, if fitting a 15% pulley you need a 6pk1360 belt imo, not a 68.
Yep exactly what I experienced with my old one Sean, I ended up going from Gates 1368 to Contitech 1360 with mine, in fact think it was you who suggested it 👍👍
Cracking effort on the seats chap 👍👍🤜🤛
One reason I was always paranoid about getting a windscreen done on one of these.

You'd think most of the bigger glass fitting places would have figured this out by now but still they seem to be fucking them up all these years on 😩

TBF pretty much every time Ive had a windscreen done in recent years its not gone right........I had one done on an Octavia vRS Blackline I owned new years ago, was annoying as the car was only a couple of months old at the time.

The lad that did it scratched the paint with the blades they use to remove the old screen/sealant and I recall when the screen went in it was somewhat off centre. Fucking annoyed me it did.

Im betting they didnt apply the sealant properly along the top of the screen as by all accounts if they did, even if the external seals werent in place it wouldnt (or shouldnt) let by as these things dont completely prevent ingress (rather prevent it).

Sure once refitted Jimbo be all fine, but if it has borked the headlining or anything else more permanently push for some form of compo I would 👍👍
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This sucks Jim, hope you get it back on the road soon and not too out of pocket mate (y)
The heating dials have removable bulbs that you can replace reasonably easily insitu, certainly easier than fitting a new control panel (assuming it's not the digital version).
Yep they are a twat to do mind! I've done it once and swore never again :D (Well I no longer have a Mini so no problem lol)
Sorry to hear Jim, insurance is such a minefield (and really shouldnt be).

I had bad experiences myself when trying to insure the convertible when I bought it off you....Adrian Flux wanted about the value of the car a year and Greenlight wouldnt even quote. Never tried either of them since.
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