Big Jim’s modded chilli red R53 (225bhp)

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As you may know I’ve decided to sell up the R50 convertible and blue 03 cooper S to fund a newer 06 plate cooper S supplied by carsorbikes

the blue car was starting to become a money pit and I’ll be honest I didn’t really want to sell the convertible but I needed to find the new car, the convertible has (or will be soon be) going to a forum member as a summer car

as for the my new one, it’s an 06 facelift R53 with factory fit LSD, Sean has taken a few bits off the blue car and refitted the to the new one for me, i went over and ‘helped’ last Sunday with things like the exhaust, I’m sure I was a helpful 2nd set of hands!


so off came the bilstein coilovers, miltek exhaust, janspeed manifold and wheels, all of which Sean refitted in the day, it then went back later in the week for the airtek intercooler, MSD coil pack, magnecor leads and catcam to be swapped as well as having a vibratechnics engine mount and my powerflex mounts fitted




This was it at the weekend before I returned it to Sean while I was experimenting with dechroming it, used the black door handle covers off the blue car and a piece of belt line tape I had left over, you can see it covering the door chrome, also put black scuttle vents on too, I like the look of it so have ordered a new roll from kill all chrome to do the job properly when I pick the car up

cosmetically I’ve got the carbon G-wing to go on, got to remove the cooper spoiler though, the atomspeed scoop needs to be fitted too but I may get that professionally painted red to match the car before I refit it (or run it black for a bit), just going to put 2 black LED spotlights on this one as opposed to 4 on the old car I recon, keep this car a bit stealthy!

Internally it will be just the headunit swap for now, putting the double din front/single din rear pioneer unit in it so I don’t need to start cutting the centre console up like I did for the Sony in the blue car, I’ll also upgrade the speakers and fit an so and sub box, again going to see about going stealthy in the front and using the original grilles, mount the speakers behind the door card

performance wise as well as the stuff already swapped over I picked up a pipercross panel filter new off eBay for £13 and last night grabbed me a new 15% Kavs pulley and belt this evening for £70 plus postage, that can be fitted by carsorbikes when I get it back to him in the new year for a supercharger service

Not going to add the superchip bluefin to this one but put the money toward a proper dyno tune/map at 1320 as well as getting them to fit the 550 injectors I had in stock for the blue car

the other major thing I need is the decat removing and a tomcat putting in its place as it’s a bit to noisy for my liking at the minute

so there we have it, just need to pay for it fully on payday and it’s mine, hopefully this thread won’t be like the blue one where I describe how it’s broken again or somethings snapped or gone pop on me in every other post!

And there we have it, new car, new thread, when I collect it, watch this space
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front toe wasn't out quite as much as they're suggesting really, it had my custom settings applied just days before you first drove it ;O)

I'd reduce that front toe in, and I'd reduce that rear camber quite a bit, why didn't they touch it? I'd also reduce the rear toe again too but this is just me.
I think considering the budget focus, and the fact the 250 set were listed with no pictures and said to be in need of a clean up and painting, and these were there in most likely no worse condition, clearly with some actual life in them if wanting to spread costs for example, and are the full kit ready to use after a simple clean, and included delivery which for the weight of them was handy, then when you consider what everyone else is asking for these, often sold individually or if on here as sets usually more and some badly painted or generally rough sometimes, plus that these which look to have come straight from an R56S not a 56 to 53 for a potential harder life and then for sale, it seemed worth it imo.

There was another pair for £100 delivered, also with useable pads and hoses attached too just no discs and also needed a clean. I bought those in the end as I already have some used discs kicking around somewhere, I might lob them on the rag top for sale or something.

Dependent on effort and method these'd easily improve from cleaning, carriers off and slides apart etc, check/grease slides, check piston freedom and state, worst case get a refurb kit for £30, they can do the job for not a lot of money which is exactly what Jim wants, and they'll still be a significant improvement over standard as we all know ;O) It assumes the wear parts operate with no judder etc but that's ebay and used parts, same risks for a £250 set.

Fwiw I sold a set for £250 that were used although were brand new complete TRW calipers only a year earlier, low use really, OEM pads pretty much as new, and the discs from storage were a bit rustier than I'd have liked so I included new Pagid discs, that's what £250 should buy you, in my opinion of course.
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it wasn't the pulley swap today, just a shorter belt, as the one supplied was simply too long for the 15% pulley they supplied, whoever supplied it.

fyi, if fitting a 15% pulley you need a 6pk1360 belt imo, not a 68.
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I hope they address that properly, not good at all.
hopefully it'll dry out alright and not give further symptoms
I’ve taken the chance on the janspeed, got a few prices today to build me a tomcat locally and it’s just too much to pay out by the time I’ve bought the oem manifold/cat too

I’ve taken the old cat to the scrappy and they will give me £25 for it which will go toward the janspeed!
did you cut the flanges off first?
Cataclean if putting stuff in it, ecp have it iirc, or Forte if you can get it, and perhaps Protec if you can find that

the first one works ok, some Boxsters used to need it I remember
the car hid them all
now take it for a 50 mile run ;O)
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lost your ASC switch....
sure it will, you can't turn it off, that's assuming it's even on, couldn't say tbh, get back on ebay imo :ROFLMAO:
they're either blank, ASC, or DSC, that's off a One or Cooper without the option probably,
Fiddly yes, but Minis have far worse challenges than those bulbs.
yeah, can think of a few on fb and one or two on here :ROFLMAO:
just swap the superb for a 4x4 one....
seems a bit harsh but then it is that company

perhaps A plan might help, I see them mentioned quite a lot for the Minis
you could do worse than speak to A plan during your cool off period, it's only one more company to call, I haven't used them but did use AF for years, only mention AP because it appears on the owner groups as well as here so might be popular for a reason \O/
was it Adrian Flux that wanted £60 that time you were putting one of my cars on courtesy car cover?

I'd let him take a look, someone posted some stuff about another company on fb the other day and got a favourable response from staff on there, could be worth it especially if still in a cooling off window for the new company....
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