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It's a long shot but here goes....

Since I've owned my 02 R53, the airbag light comes on. I bought a B800 tool and that's reset it loads of times. The error code it always throws up is 10/03 - passenger pre-tensioner.

Done all the usual stuff and finally got it sorted (I thought) about 3 wks ago when I re-routed the wiring and tightly secured the wiring (in bubble wrap for added bump protection haha) - it hasn't been on once.

Til today.

However, I suddenly thought, my drivers seat was moved today only a short while before the light came on - could the manual actually mean the drivers side tensioner? Assuming its a manual for LHD cars?

It'd be better if it actually said LH or RH side but instead, it refers as drivers side / passenger side...

Logical conclusion or clutching at straws?
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