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Think its time to open up a thread since I've fitted the coilovers :lol:

So it all started with a standard astro black r56 MCS:

Within a couple days after getting it this is what it looked like:

Then this happened. I know it might be a bit of a marmite mod, but I love them! in relation to not buying buckets instead, its because not-a-racecar. plus, haven't seen any other Mini with them :cools:

Then it was off to MiniCraft to get some goodies bought off Keano fitted.

After 2 trips to MiniCraft, this is what it looked like last Thursday:

At the time, they looked like they were at a perfect height, however, after a couple days I began thinking that it was still too high...:sad:

So today I lowered a bit more (probably about 5mm). Still doesn't scrape anywhere, but won't be going any lower:

MOD LIST 08/05/2014

- JCW Exhaust
- Stealth Cat
- JCW Intake
- ITG Air Filter
- Forge FMIC

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels
- AP Coilovers
- JCW Strut Brace
- Whiteline Adjustable Drop links
- Whiteline rARB
- JCW 4pot Brembo brakes
- HEL stainless steel brake lines
- 17x8 Rotiform Nue

- JCW Black grille surround
- JCW side scuttles
- Osram Diadem front indicators
- Phillips Silvervision rear indicators
- LED Can-Bus sidelights and license plate
- Mini Sport antenna
- JCW Side Skirts

- Toffee lounge leather seats
- Interior trimmed by LG Trimming (apart from seats)
- Full R56 LCI black interior
- JCW alcantara/leather Steering wheel with JCW carbon fibre spokes
- JCW carbon fibre gearknob and handrake handle
- Dark grey Outmotoring gauge faces
- LEDs everywhere
- Tweeters in pillars + channel swap
- Parrot MKi9200
- Sound deadening using Silent Coat Damping Mat and Silent Coat Isolator


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R56 are starting to look tiny now when lowered! Love the interior.

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Coming along nicely matey :thumbup1:

How are you finding the ride/handling on the AP's?
at first the ride was very similar if not slightly better than stock. now, after lowering it a bit more, it is slightly harder but nothing too bad. its the 1st time i have a car thats lowered so have nothing to compare it to

Looks good so far! Any plans for some rims?!
yeah rims will eventually come, although thinking it actually looks alright on crown spokes now that its lowered. not decided on wheels but will probably go along the lines of rota blitz, rota sdm, bbs rc.. as for colour will most likely be silver

plans for the car in the shorter term are door arm rests in the same colour leather as the seats, and a possible headlight and rearlight rings colour coding. will be leaving the chrome on the beltline and on the scuttles as i think it looks good there on a black car

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The car looks good in the flesh, and by photos i would have said i didn't like the interior, but inspection in person, it looks really good, very classy!!! :D
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