Aquamist HFS-4 Sale

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Sorry Everyone, I am new to MINI Torque. Not sure if I posted in the proper area.
I am usually on NAM but I thought I would post this here incase anyone was interested.

Thinking of selling my Aquamist HFS-4 System. It is MINI Specific with MINI install instructions. Used on my Stage 3 2013 Mini Cooper S (261whp/271wtq)

Absolutely no problems with it.

Just getting bored with my car and would like to try new things. I want to expand my knowledge in the R56 area. Thinking of trying an entirely new kit and seeing if I can make it work on an R56.

Also if I am successful trying to get an upgraded fuel pump, possibly switch to 100% E85.

I bought an alta gauge pod($45) that can go with it along with a
1.0mm jet ($30).
Also with the Howerton tank and pump.
Gauge Face is red.
I did replace it with a brand new Fast Acting Valve ($135).

Looking for around $875 for my HFS-4.

If interested please email

[email protected]

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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