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For anyone attempting this in the future... Do not be worried, it was so easy. Everything went exactly to plan.

The 25ft roll was the exact length to the millimetre.

We took off the wheels, removed bonnet rubber seal, battery cover and removed the filler neck jubilee clip and hose. Nothing else removed, undid the old hoses and pulled from the car with a bit of wriggling.

Bent the new ones to shape, cut and fitted unions.

Nsr and nsf were the easiest all on the o/s had to he partially bent whilst on the car after they were passed over the exhaust and fuel lines, and through the trim in front of the bulkhead.

Bled all the system, checked for leaks and job was done. Took barely two hours.

The bracket on the backbox was the worst job of the lot ! Cost me a grand total of £8.04 for hose, £3.76 for unions and £4.02 for a litre of brake fluid. £15.82 total, for a job quoted at a dealer of being over £200!

So pleased with it all.
Did you have to drop the tank?
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