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Hi all, first post on the forum but have been following since I got my MCS 07.
Anyway I recently had the air con on my car drained, pressure tested and refilled as it was not working basically at all. It is now slightly better however it blows cold air for about 10 seconds, then there is a hissing noise from the central dash area, then 10 seconds of warm air then cold air and then this cycle repeats constantly - it's more obvious when stationary.
I don't think it's to do with the gas / recharge etc but does anyone know what could be causing this?
My thought it could be the compressor not working fully and the clutch slipping or something when under load? I have searched through all forum posts but cannot find anything similar to this. My mini has the auto climate control and I have tried all settings auto/manual and definitely with snow flake lit up.
Any thoughts appreciated as I currently have a hot car ! :thumbdown:
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