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The standard head unit volume dial failed, the steering wheel was the only way to alter the volume, so new stereo time.

As our car has the HK upgrade and satnav so not quite as easy, probally saved the orginal stereo many times.

In reality the swap was easy and plug and play thanks to clever patch leads (which cost more than the stereo).

Ok the satnav has now lost its voice, but we never use it so no problem (I’d love to swap it for crono dials if I’m honest).

It’s a Pioneer mechless stereo hence not being very deep and it sounds brilliant through the HK amp. There’s a button to press that allows you to use the steering wheel controls to adjust the amp, or the stereo (fitted under the pedal adjuster in the bottom pic).

I have connected my phone but have yet to set up all the app connectivity, yes Pioneer have a phone app so it’s like having a touch screen stereo.

Here’s some pics (yet to place the phone holder so the screen can be used).

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