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Hello chaps!! This thread is about all of us using Methanol systems to check our pumps for a common problem !!! it affects all the methanol injecting pumps that are widely used (these are common in many different systems Devil's Own, AEM, Snow, Aquamist ). Specifically using an AEM system and while performing high boost application (over 2 bar) on a 2860gen2 turbo Mini I faced fueling problems while car was over 7000rpm!! AEM V2 checks (among other things) meth pump constantly for short circuit or open circuit. There was no red lights informing a malfunction!!!
The green light indication was showing that pump is spraying fine, i could notice the noise of the pump regardless off the pops and bangs of my exhaust!!
I pulled over and had the meth line checked with the TEST button on the AEM controller and guess what!!!
No methanol was squirting !!! Checked the price: 200$!!! for a new pump!
Next day I had the pump cut in half since I was giving it 12volt and it wouldnt spray at all!
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I found out that due to methanol being extremely corrosive the seal cannot seal good enough leading the bearings to seize and pump eventually to burn if its stressed for a long time.
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There are 2 bearings which are very common in pump applications 6203 and a smaller one on top which is to control the upper part of the pump shaft (number not available sorry). The one shown above was seized and there where indications of corrosion near the magnets. I had the bearings changed with new ones and lithium grease to stop water penetrating inside the electric motor area
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I used better sealed bearings with plastic since there is no high temperatures and the spinning speed is not that great.
Hope I helped!;)
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