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Hi guys,

I recently bought my wife an R56 Cooper S, which had quite a few aftermarket parts on it. We’ve taken it back to stock and are now looking to sell the parts we’ve taken off. I know very little about cars so I’m just wondering if you guys could advise on what the parts might be worth? Please see the attached pictures as I can’t tell what condition they are in.

As far as I can tell they are:

Meister R Zeta Pro coilovers x4
Evolve Decat Downpipe (not sure of model?)

I also have a full JCW exhaust which I can’t take pictures of right now - again not sure what it’s worth?

0B9C3ECC-E3EC-480A-ADEA-EED66466784D.jpg 3B79AB9B-197F-40A7-95C9-61E71D9E8BD7.jpg 2043D480-21AC-47A0-A5D9-3C1D811897D5.jpg F704987C-D5B7-4379-9F44-E757FDB25920.jpg

Hopefully someone might be able to help out as I have no idea what I’m looking at!

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