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Hi all,

I'm Adam, 24, and living in Dartford.

Current Mods and Pics as of 12/07/2015

15% pulley
Dave F Intake
Direnza Cooper Exhaust
Powerflex Yellow lower engine mount

KW V1 Coilovers
SPC top mounts
Hardrace rear control arms
Lohen fast road tracking and camber set up
15mm front spacers
20mm rear spacers

Yellow R56S front brakes
Braided hoses all round

17" Silver Speedline Turinis
Uniroyal Rainsport 3 all round

Gloss black Orciari scuttle vents
TRC front splitter
Gloss black side vents
Yellow Orranje 'S' resin decals
Tinted side indicators
Facelift rear lights
Cooper rear bumper trims
Minitorque rear wiper delete
Matte black belt line
De-badged rear
LED bulb replacement
Silver indicator bulbs
Front moustache

Cobra Monaco Pro bucket seat
Android stick through sat nav
Royal Steering Wheels Custom Steering Wheel
Black dial faces
Black Nu Suede headlining & Downtubes
Matte Black Dash and clock
Matte Black A, B & C Pillars
R56 black visors
R56 black rear roof handles
Stripped rear
Cusco Carbon Rear Brace
Custom Rear seat delete
Flip Key

Bits still to be fitted
Orranje front brake ducts
Orranje GP rear bumper inserts
Cobra Monaco Pro GT for passenger side
Cooper fuel cap

Matte black rest of interior
Corbeau Clubsport Buckets
Retrimmed Belts
Nexus 7 install to replace Nav
Orranje G wing
Facelift front lights
Stud conversion
Half cage
Airtec intercooler
OBX manifold and tomcat

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Hi all,

I'm Adam, 24, and currently living in Dartford.

Had my Mini for over a year now and changed a fair few bits on it. There is a bit thing missing on my list of mods (coilovers) and hopefully I'll have some asap

I bought the Mini to replace my 2000 Ford Fiesta Zetec S. Loved that car! It was light and nimble and lots of fun. I was originally going to get an 06 Fiesta ST but found Cooper S's when looking through Autotrader. They were quicker and better specced than the STs and after finding this forum it was a no contest.

When I bought it it was just a standard pre facelift R53 with sat nav, cruise control and heated seats. Here's a pic I found of my old car and it's replacement, the only pic I have of the two of them.

First few changes were minor things. LED sidelights, silver indicator bulbs, aero wipers and new gear gaitors. Boring and I don't have any photos of those

Then I decided to start de-chroming. Belt line was taped up and side indicators were painted gloss black with tinted indicator lenses. Here they are with the yellow resin S's from Yaphetlives

Next up was a trip to 1320 for an Inspection 2 to make sure it'd been looked after before me. Whilst I was there I got a 15% pulley and they replaced the front wishbone bushes to improve the feel.

They were brilliant and I couldn't have been happier. I even got a free cherry bakewell!

Next was the dash. I hated the standard colour and mine was scratched up so I bought a spare set and after a lot of sanding and painting they were matte black. The downtubes, central rings, speedo surround and gear stick surround were all painted matte too

Then I developed a flat spot in one of the S spokes so decided I wanted to change them. Luckily a set of my favourite alloys came up for sale so I snapped them up. That little change changed the car for the better

Most recently I bought two bucket seats from eVil (Adam) and he graciously delivered them to me while I was with the AA man in a KFC car park. The drivers side was fitted over the Easter bank holiday along with a Nav Tool interface and a Android stick. This means I get to run the Torque app through the Sat Nav screen. Also means I can run any android app through the screen. I also removed the rear seats and replaced them with the seat delete from the GP2.

So here's how it looks today with crappy iphone pics

There's probably plenty of other mods I've forgotten too.

Thanks for reading my essay lol

Awsome work on the Nav screen. Any chance of how to?
Thanks mate. The seats are great!

It's actually amazingly easy to do the sat nav. I should have taken some pics while I was installing. When I get my new seat mounts ill pull everything out and put a how to up!

I've added a few more bits to my plans now

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Nice, songs great! Are you with stock till fitted? Please share some feedback...I am thinking about those....few months ahead but would like to know as much as possible.

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Nice, songs great! Are you with stock till fitted? Please share some feedback...I am thinking about those....few months ahead but would like to know as much as possible.
Yeah I'm on stock suspension atm.

I've tried the KW V1s before as I used the 1320 courtesy car when I was there last. They were great! Much comfier than standard but much firmer and less bouncy in the corners. Can't wait to get them died! Hopefully they should arrive on Tuesday!

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Couple of other mods that are ongoing:

Rear Flat Floor - Just a wooden frame at the moment. Can't make the top part until I pick up the GP Interior Panels

GP Interior Panels - Bought and made. Just need to pick up them up from Rich at Orranje

Interior Black Out - Spare A, B and C pillar trims bought. Need some help/ a guide on how to fill the rear seat belt hole before they get painted

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Nothing too major to update

Coilovers should be here on Tuesday!

Put a temporary lid on my rear flat floor today. Temporary because I'm going away next weekend and need the space useable. Was going to paint it black but ran out of time

The frame looks like this

And the temporary top now looks like this

The finished article will go up to the GP panels which I'll be picking up on Friday and will be covered in carpet. There will also be hinges over where the rear seats used to be so I can hide stuff under there

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So coilovers still haven't arrived but hopefully they should be here next week.

Update on the rear seat delete. The boot part of it is now carpeted.

Storage space open - underside of the carpet needs redoing ideally

Empty storage space

Access to battery

The rear seat part should be done soon. Need to pick up some spare rear panels so I can cut them up and install my Orranje GP panels

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So my flat is becoming more like a Mini parts shop!

Good news is I now have my coilovers!

Bad news is I'm gonna wait till I have rear control arms and front top mounts before they go on

Trying to fit the Orranje GP panels to the spare side panels has been a pain and so that's incomplete. Because of that my boot is still unfinished too.

And my drivers side exhaust mount sounds like it's given up the ghost!

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Bit of an update.

Drivers side exhaust mount rusted through so I set about fixing that today. Parts ordered from BMW and picked them up this morning

And then the bolt snapped off and messed everything up!

Very annoyed and the garage will have to fix it for me

In better news - Rear Control Arms have been ordered from Orranje and I've gotten bored of walking past the coilovers in my hallway so I'm getting booked in to get them fitted the week after next (RTM top mounts will be bought later). Same time I'll be getting my R56 front brakes fitted that I've bought from Millsy's breakers along with braided HEL lines from the Orranje group buy. Also bought some 20mm rear spacers so I'll see what they look like too

I've got two weeks off so I've got a long list of what I want to get done. It's mainly getting the interior sorted and I'm going to get stuck in tomorrow

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Few updates with crappy pics

I took the roof lining out on Sunday

It was then wrapped in nu suede material from Dunelm Mill. Very happy with it now

Drivers side sun visor is from a R56 in carbon black and I have since fitted the black supports and grab handles that I ordered from BMW. Only bit I couldn't get was a passenger side black visor so I need to keep my eyes peeled for one. The roof light is already painted matte black to match the lining and I have another clock and a, b and c pillars in primer inside.

I need to do something with the c pillar covers. I want to fill the hole for the rear seat belts seems as I don't have rear seats anymore. Anyone have any ideas? Fibreglass? Plastic welding? This is the bit I'm talking about

Also more packages have been turning up!

These shiny blue bastards arrived and join the pile of things to fit

And I snapped up some Orciari vents from Zirconmr2 which I immediately test fitted.

They'll be going to the painters next week along with headlight rings, cooper fuel cap and aero grill to be CC'd
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