A year in the world of MT...

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.... here are a selection of pictures showing what we like to get up to on our travels on planet MT, these will be updated throughout the week as I've got over a 1,000 images to go through.

However, if you've got your own from MT events then add them to the thread so all newbies can see what we like to get up to :thumbup1:

MT trying out the Thor Hub Dyno for the first time...

Some dirty bottoms in the Thor car park

And JawF430 (James) introducing us to the mighty CSL for the first time

After dyno comes food, and the Little Chef's have been a haven for the MT guys over the past year

Taking it from the dyno to the Pod, with Jove strapped up ready to go looking his usual cheery self :thumbup1:

Ultimate Rep Mobile 2009... The Mondeo won it :lol:

MT's finest drag racing MINI's taking on the cream of the crop

Russell trying everything to get a better time by nicking my light-weight wheels and sticky parada's! It worked... 13.8!

The MINI's had their fair share of competitors at the Pod but rarely lost, especailly when piloted by Formula Palmer Audi Racer Adam Foster... Civic Type R... Done!

300bhp Focus ST.... Done!

And the person least likely to be addicted to the Pod on MT, Andrew (HyperActive) does his 60th odd run of the day :lol: and it's an absolute pearler giving him his best time so far.

But we always knew when to leave the big boys to get on with it, especially if Uncle Paul and his blue bottle weren't around :thumbup1:

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Ben (bigshow) and Dave (jove) settle the 'king of the dyno' debate at AMD :lol:

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MITP weekend 09

What being competative makes you do :w00t:

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A couple of pics from the FOMSport rolling road day @ Maptun 15-5-2009

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The Mini Torque boys hit Bedford Autodrome for another trackday...

MT's resident race instructor Adam Foster used the term "POWERRRRR" once too many times while teaching Jove the lines...

Jove inspects the damage after going over the grass...


Team MT rock up to Mini United 2009 at Silverstone...

BigShow learns what it's like to live in the great outdoors...

...with a fairly undersized tent...

Jove, Ruskins and MiniOneSam rip up Stowe Circuit...

Some of the cars on the Mini Torque stand...

Jove tries out his new anti-wheelgap solution...

The used Challenge slicks some of the guys managed to blag...

Ruskins and Jove prepare for a ride in an R56 Challenge car...

Team MT get the cars together for an end of weekend photo...

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MT's Global following was also out in full force at Mini United 2009 :thumbup1:

Fisher and the KAVS Motorsport car in the middle, Slovenia

Ale, along with some of the other guys, all the way from Geneva, Switzerland

And Norm, buckling up for some hot laps of Stowe, from California, USA

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Few shots from BMW Show 08/09

Maxum giving a 318i a licking

Paul just before he drops off the car at the show'n'shine paddock

Hyper Active (Andrew) and Streeters (Mark) going head to head in a very even race

2Much (Lee) trying to lay down the power with the slicks and just braking into the 13's with a 13.98

Emily and Bigshow (Ben) getting round the Santa Pod pits in style...

... Then trying out each others cars to get the best times, Emily a 13.8 in mine, me a 14.8 in hers, the best we could manage on the day

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More MT shenanigans from MU09...

The MT Model posing for snaps

Welcome to the 'Gun Show'

The Power Ranger taking pride of place next to Alski's (Alan) 280+bhp Chelsea Street Sleeper

3 of the fastest cars on MT and probably the world

Paul showing off the numbers... now runs 11.1 at 124mph with 0-100 in 7.1 seconds!!

MU Pace Car...

... with Ruskins (Russ) showing exactly what he thinks of it and Dave cracking out a smile.

On track Alski try's to create a gap so he can blat it... I remember us going very sideways at the next corner :thumbup1:

Our first encounter with dry carbon fibre wrap... it'll soon be all the rage

Different approach to making a Cooper look like a sheep in wolfs clothing...

Team MT Tent in the Silverstone paddock at MU09, this is how we role ... Big TV, Xbox 360 and plenty of food and drink for everyone to share.

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Here are a few videos from our travels too...

MiniTorque Track Day - Bedford Autodrome

Mini United 2009

Video 1 Parts 1 and 2 - First time out

Video 2 Parts 1 and 2 - MiniTorque take the track + 1 random Clubman!!
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London Tunnel Running... MT going underground after midnight to make some noise!

The MT dragster out of it's usual habitat

Emily's BEP Cooper S merging into the night sky

Even the classics came out to show how it's done making some sweet pops and crackles on the over-run inlcuding the odd flame from Saad's little red racer

End of the night and the first ever MINI tunnel run was over so the players got together for a 4am photo... many more MT tunnel runs would follow but these were the pioneers who led the way :thumbup1:

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MT's first track day at Mallory Park mixing it with the MLR boys with Jove's Power Ranger showing what it can do in it's first outing with new parts and a whole load of new power

On the day it was our first encounter with an actual Time Attack car...

... little did we know that a few months later the Power Ranger would meet it again in competition... Team MT's first race in Time Attack... the car has come a long way!

TA Snetterton


SuperBattle Part 1

SuperBattle Part 2

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A few more pics from 2009...

A few of the MT crew meet at Donington for the Moto GP... Ruskins, Tristo and Luca start the day of with coffee and food

Luca unsurprisingly goes back for seconds...

A few of the riders doing practice starts during warm-up

Le Mans style 24 hour Karting in Milton Keynes, Team MT represents...

Some shots from Top Gear 2008, the Green Machine and the Red'un having fun on track...

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Thats rare and cool pics to have of your old car Ben
This is a great read, is there any more to add?
Thanks BigShow!
Great photos that speak a thousand words!:thumbup1:
jsut looked through the whole thing, great thread! more show pics for this year to come i am sure!
Only just seen this, but what a fucking brilliant topic....looks like you guys have had crazy fun :)
Only just seen this, but what a fucking brilliant topic....looks like you guys have had crazy fun :)
A year in the life of MT is always fun!
A year in the life of MT is always fun!
It certainly appears that way mate, hopefully I'll be part of some future things!
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