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I did start a project thread quite a long time ago on here but with engines going bang left right & centre & missing no less than the last 3 summers of Mini fun/trackdays I to be honest gave up on the forums for quite a while. Now i've got it back & we're now on engine number 5 (don't doubt my dedication!! :)) I figured I should start a new & improved project thread to show how I got from this:

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to this:

There's a lot to update you all on between August 2008 & now so bare with me as I do it bit by bit. I'm in work now so i'll try & do a bit day by day starting this evening.

I hope now i've got it back that i'll get to meet some of the old faces again at many meets/track days etc... along with some of the new ones :)

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I just love the quote of i'm on my 5th engine...court cases and heart breaks but i'm back lol, love the absolute dedication :D

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2008 - Year 1

August 2008
Well lets start from the very beginning. Back on 2nd August 2008 I chopped in my E39 M5 for a 2002 Mini Cooper S in Dark Silver:

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Looking back now I can't believe the wheels it came with (18" Jordan R's) lasted the 4 weeks they did. I saw sense & got rid of those quick sharpish in favour of a set of replica 17" R90's. This along with an M7 induction kit to increase airflow & of course that supercharger whine we all love!

View attachment 56106

October 2008
Now I'm not sure when KAVS started to sell his reduced supercharger pulleys but back in October 2008 I bought a 15% from him for £40 delivered & got it fitted by Minispeed along with a set of NGK BKR7EIX Iridium plugs. This gave the Mini a little extra poke.

November 2008
Looking back now I can tell that I was definitely doing things on a budget! A Burnout (whoever they are!?!?!) cat back system arrived from the states for a whopping $175!! You know it's going to be quality at that price!

December 2008
Some of that wheelgap needed to be addressed quick sharpish & not having the budget for coilovers back then I put on a set of KW springs that i'd blagged from the bay for £45 brand new!

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2009 - Year 2

January 2009
Having literally melted the standard chocolate brakes at Bedford I fitted a set of Wilwood 12.2's that were supplied by Todd at TCE:

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February 2009
Fitted a 20mm Whiteline adjustable rear anti-roll bar from Balance Motorsport

April 2009
Fitted front upper & lower OMP strut braces along with an MSD coil pack & leads

May 2009
The intercooler had to go & was replaced with a GTT one:

View attachment 56138

Turns out the Burnout exhaust was total shite! Who'd have guessed eh??? So I replaced it with a Quicksilver Supersport which was much better:

View attachment 56154

June/July 2009

During the summer I took my 1st 2 of many trips to 1320 Mini. Firstly a Newman cam was fitted & a remap was had. They also fitted my Helix 380 injectors. The results were:

223 BHP
181 lb/ft

On the day it was 27 degrees & my clutch was slipping like crazy so I took my car to a local garage and had the following fitted that i'd bought:

1) JB Racing aluminium flywheel (4.5kg)
2) Clutchmasters FX 400 clutch kit (6 paddle)
3) Superflex control arm bushes

October 2009
Engine No.1 blows up!!!

Just look at that hole in the side of piston 4!

View attachment 56162

Now this is the point where my rollercoaster begins. The car is returned to the garage that fitted my clutch & I supply them with a low mileage engine to replace the blown one. Once done I take the car to 1320 Mini for a remap & 250 miles...yes 250 miles later engine no.2 blows up!!!

The diagnosis on this one was that the garage had fitted my engine without attaching the FPR hose!! This time it was Cylinder 3.

November/December 2009

After sending the car back to the garage that fitted the engine for them to rebuild it, free of charge, I got it back in November 2009. But guess what? 750 miles later a piston blows a hole the size of my fist through the block! That's engine no.3 blown up!!!

This time the garage refuses to touch my car. They park it outside & leave it there in the snow because they say it was either my driving or the fact it was to highly tuned that caused the engine to blow this time. I end up transporting it home where it sits in the snow until February 2010!

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2010 - Year 3

February to August 2010
So on 9th February 2010 (my birthday!) the car gets put on the back of a low loader & taken to 1320 Mini where I work on buying some new bits & taking the cowboys that screwed me over to court. I purchased the following to go into the car:

  • TPR-1 head (from Brownpants)
  • 0.5mm oversized JE pistons
  • ARP head & rod bolts
  • 550 injectors
  • GRS Intercooler
  • Janspeed Manifold (for a Tomcat)
  • Complete new crank kit from BMW

Whilst at 1320 I got Dekra to carry out a full independant inspection on why the engine had blown up again & that gave me all the evidence I needed. The garage had re-used the rod bolts!!! The end result was that I took them to court & won back all my costs incurred whilst the car was with them plus interest.

The full in-depth story of this can be read here:

At the end of August 2010 I got my car back again on engine no.4 on the following power:

210WHP at 7400RPM

No visual upgrates at this point other than some new bonnet stripes:

View attachment 56170

December 2010
Now if you think 3 engines blowing up is unlucky I figured it couldn't get any worse....well it could!! On 18th December 2010 a post van decided it was going to do a U-turn in front of me on a snowy road & ploughed into my o/s front quarter!! New bonnet, wing, headlight, bumper, various suspension parts, alloy wheel, tyre & a respray!!! I mean seriously!!

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2011 - Year 4

With my car being off the road until April I couldn't really do any modding whilst it was in the repair shop but once it came back I started looking into suspension upgrades & a different set of wheels. Having read a fair amount about the Meister R's in October I opted for a set of these & swapped the wheels for a set of Lenso D1R's:

View attachment 56186

That's it for 2011. What with the crash & everything it was a pretty quiet year! :)

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2012 - Year 5

Well after a very quiet 2011, 2012 certainly wasn't going to be!

April 2012
I'd had enough of the Quicksilver Supersports. Apart from the fact I got black flagged at Bedford with it the design was actually pretty crap! It was a one ball with the hangers being made of cheese these had been welded more times than I care to imagine. The tailpipe was also not straight & was really bloody annoying even if you don't have OCD!! I replaced this with a Milltek cat back system & I can't believe I'd not done this sooner. The motorway drone went & the noise was there when I wanted it. But more than that it was the quality of the whole thing. Really well made & the fitment was brilliant.

June 2012
My clutch was shot so replaced it with a 4 paddle Helix. Whilst the car was at 1320 they checked the gearbox & found that my OBX had literally fallen apart inside! It was lucky they checked & they'd never seen anything like it before. That was taken out & replaced with a Quaife.

By now I was beginning to realise that cutting corners for cheaper options is not always the best option. Milltek & Quaife stand for quality in my eyes & that's what I got.

November 2012
It was actually this day (24th) in November 2012 when yet again my luck turned to shit! This time a truck decided to drive over the front of my parked car in a service station!! This was a clear cut case in both mine & my insurance company's eyes but the 3rd party decided they weren't going to admit liability & all sorts of politics meant my car sat abandoned in the bodyshop for 6 months! After a few visit to the bodyshop I realised that they really didn't have my car's best interest at heart so I eventually settled on a figure & carted my car back to 1320 for some TLC. Another bonnet, A-panel, a drive shaft etc...

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2013 - Year 6

Whilst the car was away I invested in a new set of wheels. I found a set of Oz Superturismo GT's in grey that had seen better days. I picked these up for around £200 so an absolute steal. These I had powder coated red by a friend of a friend for £40 a corner & a new set of centre caps for £30 so all in all a good deal. I didn't fit these straight away but instead waited until I'd purchased the following

K-Sport 330mm Big Brake Kit
Black Headlight Rings
Black Petrol Cap
Black side vents
Black door handles
Black grills
Orranje G-Wing

After finishing the car looked like this:

View attachment 56202

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2014 - Year 7

2014 is when all the troubles started again...but before that I fitted a couple of Cobra Monaco's that I picked up mint 2nd hand at a good price.

I first of all got the death rattle that I'd had a couple of times before & just replaced the chain tensioner. This time it was different. The new chain tensioner didn't fix the problem & so I started investigating further. Turned out that one of my chain guides had lunched itself & thrown all of it's parts into the sump. I'll have a go at most things so tried changing the guide myself & ended up letting the chain skip a cog! The car ended up back at 1320 for a whole new chain kit & why not...a 17% pulley :)

2 months later the bottom end went again!!! Engine no. 4 blown!!

So it's September 2014 & my car is sat at 1320 during their busiest period needing yet another engine build!

I start to plan what I'm going to do next as by now all these reliability issues have meant I've seen sense & bought a 2nd car to drive whilst I do.

First to go were the Newman Cam & TPR1. A TPR2 & a Cat Cam were to be on the shopping list so these were surplus to requirements.

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2015 - Year 8

So it's September 2015 & my car is at 1320 with no head, no camshaft & a worn clutch feeling very sorry for itself. It stays there for a year....yes a year! Between 1320's busy schedule & a bit of shopping it finally gets put back together in time for September 2015 with the following additions to the car:

  • Thumper TPR-2 BVH
  • 1320 Cat Cam
  • Wossner pistons
  • 1320 forged rods
  • ARP rod bolts
  • New crank & bearings
  • Mocal Oil Cooler
  • New Helix 4 paddle clutch
  • Vibra Technics engine mount

This along with the existing mods resulted in:


This was the happy moment I went to pick it up with a trailer. 1 whole year apart & reunited at last :)

View attachment 56218

Since I've had it back I've gone a bit mad with the modding. I've added an OMP steering wheel with a Brown & Geeson quick release boss:

View attachment 56226

Oh & yeah I clean stripped out the rear & had a custom cage built by Nickson Motorsport (Nickson Motorsport)

View attachment 56234

I'll try & get some pictures up of it all back together again when the weather allows & I've cleaned the thing. Looks like it's been through a rally stage at the moment!

So there you have it....5th engine & better than ever!!!

Watch this space for further developments & I hope to see a few of you at a track or meet soon :)

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Loving the dedication and progress matey. Can't wait for some more updates!!

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Cheers buddy :) I have an idea in mind that is a bit radical & a bit 'marmite' but the need for a new driveway for all these cars may put a hold on that. Head or heart....head or heart!! :confused1:
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