17% SC pulley and a 3% crank pulley with a new Alternator pulley ?

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Hi i have already bought a 17% Alta supercharger pulley but i havent fitted it yet as i am planning to remove my engine at christmas to make the job easier. Was just wondering what peoples opions were with running a ALta 3 % crank pulley and the Alta alternatorpulley with a Gates belt. I am also intending on replacing the tensioner assembly and idler pulley but polly bushing the tensioner Ram and fitting a protector for this . Am planning to fit this on my 05 Cooper s JCW

Any ideas if this is a safe combination running the standard IC ?

I already have MSD coilpack 10mm leads and cold plugs with janspeed manifold and sports cat . modified JCW air box and ITG filter

Also any people running GRS charge cooler ?
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What's the thinking of removing the engine to do this??

I would not bother with the Alta Crank pulley.. I had the 2% fitted for 20k an thought it was fine until the last time I checked it an it had cracked on 2 out if the 5 spokes on it. If I had not checked it then it would have snapped. A few pol on here have had this issue. Either get an ATI one or facelift crank pulley don't bother with anything else.

If your going 17% you would need to upgrade the intercoer before summer or ASAP.

There's a few ppl running the charge cooler but most either a GRS top mount or GP intercooler.
Only reason i was thinking of removing the engine was because i have an oil leak from the front and i had read that 2 out of 3 engine mounts would have to be removed in order to change super charger pulley and the worn idler pulley. THe car aint an every day drive for me, i have only put 1600 on it in a year so it doesnt get used that much. I am really just looking to get the max performance out of it but safely aswell. YE i have read a few posts about them cracking. did u notice much difference using the crank pulley ?

YE i am defo thinking of the charge cooler. i spoke to graham a couple of months ago and he recons around 16BHP from that

WIth the combination of a Meth injection too ?

What do you think of the newman cam
I see but changing a few pullies an dropping an engine out is make a mountain of a mole hill.. But if you have the tools an space then crack on.

I went 15% an 2% CP to 17% an stock pulley an I noticed no difference tbh.

An intercooler won't give you any power it will just help you keep what you have.. Well that is my thinking anyway. Newman cam
Is good for me but I haven't tried any other as I'm happy with it.
YE i know seems major just for a few pulleys lol, ye i am a mechanic and have a farm so is ideall for me :). i may not bother i will see. YE i see your point mate,
Combining the CHarge cooler with some other mods should bring it up. i may just fit supercharger pulley and put a Cam in it,

IS a cheap option for a Cam and seems to be worthwhile.

Did you fit the CAM ?
Seems a lot of work when you could just put a jack under the engine to support it instead of removing the whole thing.
IMHO, there's no value in putting a larger crank pulley on unless you have to replace it anyway. You can achieve the same with a smaller charger pulley, plus you don't need the additional expense of a larger alternator pulley.
Also, the Alta crank pulley has a reputation for failing. You're better off with a damped crank pulley to absorb the load variance the charger places on it.
I did fit it yes.. Along with everything on the car.. I'm no
Mechanic tho an still learning :)
how simple was it fitting the newman CAM ? and sorting the timing and valve clearances ect. am a lorry mechanic by trade so this smaller stuff is alot different lol
and did you notice the performance gain from the cam ?
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