100000 mile R53 price

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What do people think the going rate for a face lift R53 that has just gone over 100000 miles, im assuming it is at that point that the price begins to fall quickly. I have had a look on the classified ads on here but most seem to be pre face lift or below 100000 miles. Thanks.
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Year, colour, condition, maintenance, MOT? Based on a simple guess trade would take between £1,000 and £1,500 'ish and around the £3,000 as a private sale maybe assuming 2005 ish, popular colour, good condition and maintenance history with MOT.
2005 55 plate, astro black, full service history and 6 months MOT. £3000 was what I was thinking but in the back of my mind I thought maybe 100000 might put a lot of people off making the value suddenly drop. It is interesting though that WeBuyAnyCar quote £1630, I was expecting less from them
I'd say 2-2.5k... depending on condition...
just sold a 55 plate, astro black, full leather, chilli pack, LSD, glass roof, FMSH, 99k for £2k
Just get a quote from WBAC and add £500 :) optimistic here

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I was looking for a facelift under £3,000 18 months ago and I managed to find 3, in like 3 months... maybe they've come down slightly more since then though. I ended up paying £2,800 for my 55 plate on 106k.
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