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  1. R53 General
    Hello all, Looking for a bit of advice... has anyone installed factory xenons headlights to a R53.. if so is it a big job? My R53 project doesn’t have them and I’m considering...attempting.. to install them if possible. Any info would be appreciated. Stu
  2. Exterior
    I have PRE-LCI Mini Cooper S - year 2007 and one xenon has plastic aim mechanism broken. So I'm considering to swap both lights from standard to black... My question is - is it possible to swap LCI xenons to my 2007 MCS? Is is just plug and play, or it won't work?
  3. Exterior
    Hi Guys First post so please be nice :D I've got a 06 Cooper (R50) but I have a small dilema. I've bought a set of genuine and complete Mini xenon headlights (The facelift ones with projectors): I've followed the instructions given by "Scraggles" in this the below thread but my xenon low...
1-3 of 52 Results