1. Joey Modding Starts tonight!

    Hi all, im new here, i have myself a beautiful little r53 that has rightfully been named Diabla by popular demand on a mini page that posted my car on instagram It's a pre-facelift xenon 03 plate but i recently got a steal on some 08 plate r52 xenon facelift lights and plan to joey mod them...
  2. One xenon is brighter than other

    I have a small issue with xenon - driver xenon is brighter than passenger xenon (it's left hand drive car - not UK). What I have tried? - Changed bulbs from left to right - Changed ballasts from left to right - Aimed lights (they are aimed correctly and both lights are shining at same height...
  3. Xenons

    Faults & Fixes
    Me yet again, Apologies in advance for the long post. I have a 2002 R53 with factory Xenons fitted. The drivers side one has stopped working all of a sudden. Went to swap the bulb from the other side and noticed immediately that the spring clip on one side keeps pinging off (but the bulb...
  4. Retrofit Xenon Help Flicker

    Hey guys, just a small issue here, I hope! Retrofitted a brand new set of face lifted projector Xenons to my 2006 Works GP. Followed all the advice scraggles gave on here with regard soldering in an 1800uf capacitor into the source voltage in each light. Worked perfectly and the lights are...
  5. Pre facelift / facelift headlights fitting - QUICK QUESTION

    Just need to know if the pre facelift headlights fit facelift cars. I have a 2005 (facelift) R50 and have come across some of the eBay xenon copies second hand for peanuts and decided to give them a go. They've been fitted to a pre facelift car, so I need to know if they'll fit mine. Thanks...
  6. Genuine Xenon headlight retrofit - Help required! Scraggles?

    Hi Guys First post so please be nice :D I've got a 06 Cooper (R50) but I have a small dilema. I've bought a set of genuine and complete Mini xenon headlights (The facelift ones with projectors): I've followed the instructions given by "Scraggles" in this the below thread but my xenon low...
  7. Retrofitting OEM facelift xenon headlights to a '03 car?

    Hi guys, I want to put on the OEM xenon headlights from the facelift R53 onto my car. I saw the retrofit instructions from the dealer and it seems quite a process. Can't I just buy the headlights from the dealer and plug it in without all these harnesses and sensors they mention in that document?