1. R53 General
    Hi all, i had a peek at my air filter today as im off to cadwell park friday but did not notice the vacuum type pipe at the front of the box and it has come detached. i know where to connect at the box but where does the other end connect?? anybody? :sad:
  2. MINI Chat
    I would like to say a huge to THANK YOU The website has hit 15,000 views now!!!! I need your input to improve the website and what you like and HATE Are there any topics you want me to write about There is an anonymous drop box to leave your comments in the post so dont be shy MINI Roll...
  3. New to Mini Torque?
    Hi all, I'm Tony from Birmingham, I'm the proud owner of a 2003 John cooper Works Absolutely LOVE this car and it brings a smile to my face every time i drive it (well apart from when it needs fuel again :wink:) im 42 but still a boy racer at heart and just love to make mini owners proud by...
  4. New to Mini Torque?
    Hello there, I have just recently purchased my first Mini. Just so happens to be this beaut.. (Pics are off an iPhone so sorry for crappy quality) Cleaned it and QuikWaxed it One from when it snowed It has the heated leather Recaro front seats :D These wheels will be going on...
  5. Detailing
    What trim detailer are people using on their mini's, ive used megs gold class trim detailer which was really good but quite sticky even after buffing in and now use believe it or not megs endurance tyre gel which works amazing but straight away the trim just seems to attract road dirt/dust...
  6. The Projects
    As project orange was completed, I have decided to start a new thread around my car showing where it started, what it looks like now and what my future plans are. This is less of a project and more of an ongoing thing. Its a 2004 facelift MINI Cooper S. I was bitten by the modding bug after a...
  7. Engine & Drivetrain
    There has been a lot of talk about switchable remaps for the R56 MCS and the possibility of us tuning cars that are unable to visit us - due to distance. We now have a solution. The evolve-R. This remote cable is one that you (the end user) keeps and can flash in files using your laptop...
  8. The Projects
    RaffaIsOnFire: R53 Cooper S Facelift powered by krumm! hi there, my name is Raffa and i'm from Germany! some of you may recognize me from motoring-underground or the german MINI-boards. decided to join you guys to keep an eye on the scene in GB! here are my MINIs! sold my R50 Cooper (...
  9. R53 General
    Hey all. Got the resonator delete done on my Works today and can highly recommend it! The over pop is more noticeable and frequent, def something I'm loving and thought I would share. Nick,,
  10. Detailing
    Anyone got any advice and what to buy to do the snow foaming? Thanks
  11. The Projects
    Thought i better actually start a project thread. My car was purchased in November last year from Halliwell Jones Mini in Southport, was the closest one to me with low mileage. So off on the train with my mate and i soon became the owner on Mini GP -1854 Second day after getting it my KW...
  12. MINI Parts For Sale
    BBR RAM SCOOP FOR SALE. Cost £140 a year ago. It is hyper blue in color and in mint condition. £80 + £10p&p will take this. picture is for illustrative purposes only, mine is hyper blue. SOLD SOLD SOLD If people want one, DAMO will be listing one for sale shortly so PM him.