1. Help! R52 Passenger windows not going back up!

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, I'm new here so apologies if this isn't in the right forum! I have a problem with my girlfriend's 2005 R52 Cooper Convertible where the passenger's windows (both front and rear) won't go back up. This has happened after the alternator recently failed and started charging the battery...
  2. HELP.... Sticky windows

    Faults & Fixes
    The front windows on my MCS squeak when they go up and down - I've heard its pretty straightforward to change the felts, but don't know where to source them (apart from a stealership) Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. Rear wiper help. :(

    Just doing the rear wiper delete and the rear wiper is stuck onto the motor bad. I've wd40 the hell out of it and left it as others did this but still no. Any suggestions ?
  4. How to create and install DIY Auto Up Passenger Window Module

    How To Guides
    Gen 1 - DIY Auto Up Passenger Window Module This is a guide on how to make and install a DIY module so that your passenger window on your Gen 1 MINI will automatically go up and behave in much the same way as your driver side window This solution will create a module that can be easily...
  5. Blackout Window Belt Line

    Going to be doing this relatively soon - just need to know what thickness tape I need to order from fleaBay. If anyone's done this, what thickness tape did you use? Thanks in advance :thumbup1: