1. Wtb Team Dynamics 17x8

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Hi, I'm searching in a set of Team Dynamics 1.2 17x8 et 35 (or similar). Thank's
  2. Alcantara R53 3 spoke MFSW wheel

    MINI Parts Wanted
    As title. Anybody? Looking to change my leather one for Alcantara. Anyone want to swap or sell me their Alcantara one? Edit: I don't need the airbag, just the wheel.
  3. Newbie...

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hello all, So i've been a big mini fan for years, used to be classics but am now looking to move across to hopefully a R53, havent decided yet whether to go for JCW. Have been browsing this forum for a while and love the work most of you have done. I have a few questions, or mainly opinions...
  4. Nardi Steering Wheel

    Other Stuff
    Nardi Challenge with Black finish centre, two tone leather rim. It came on my MX5, it's in lovely and near perfect condition visually, except for a minor mark you can see on the grey section at around 7 o'clock on the wheel. It's near on perfect to the touch, the leather is not worn, the...
  5. Selling coopers spokes?

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Looking a second hand set of cooper s spokes. 17" If any of you guys are selling some hit me up with pics and prices. Will need shipped to northern Ireland. Obviously this will be taken into account when discussing money lol Hopefully someone can help me out
  6. Wheel Colour - Pics Needed!

    MINI Chat
    Recently, there has been many people posting threads and replies about needing help with wheel colour, not all of us have the inspiration of others to find that special set of wheels with a colour to match what you are looking for. To stop lots of these useless thread from being created, we...
  7. R53 Cooper S Wheels - OEM wheels only (any Mini branded wheel of interest...) URGENT

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Hi all We have a severely buckled 'S' Spoke 17" wheel and I am looking for a replacement... Would ideally be looking for 1 S spoke rim in excellent condition, OR a set of 4 alternative wheels - We love R56 JCW wheels, as well as the R90's I beleive they are called... If you have any sets...
  8. Vibration on acceleration after coilovers fitted, fml.

    Faults & Fixes
    As per the title really. At constant speed its completely fine but under hard acceleration i get vibration through the front end of the car , mainly steering wheel. Any ideas? I have a feeling after searching around online it could be a driveshaft problem.. Its worst in 2nd gear above 2000rpm...
  9. my new improved project thread.

    The Projects
    Ad's project thread. Right thought id start a project thread (finally). so here is my car as i picked it up in sept 2010. It was compleatly standard with 54,000 miles chilli pack and full black leather interior with brushed dash and 3 spoke steering wheel, oh and shitty s-spokes and massive...
  10. JCW Steering Wheel - Full Leather or Leather/Alcantara?

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a new JCW steering wheel for my R56. I normally prefer full leather but the leather/alcantara one looks very nice too. However, I'm worried about the leather/alcantara one wearing down very quickly. For those who have this steering wheel, what prompted you to go for...
  11. Dave89's R53

    The Projects
    Finally got round to getting a project thread for my car, here's the starting spec: Stock Sept 2003 Cooper S 37,800 miles. - Black II with white roof, mirror caps, bonnet stripes and white S-Spokes. - Runflats :thumbdown: - Front Spots - Body coloured front grille slats + Boot handle -...
  12. Suprising amount of want...

    R56 General
    Not that I was looking but stumbled accross this: MINI Cherished - MINI details Yes its stock spec with wheel gap and OEM rims but... I think that looks pretty mean !! :thumbup: Make it lower, take it for a remap and I would be happy rocking it... not too bad a price and spec really...
  13. And it begins!!

    R56 General
    Looks like the boys & girls in Europe have started already lol :thumbup1: Also for the wheel whores amongst us the sizes! 5x120 center bore 72.6mm stock wheel sizes: 6.5x16 ET 46 with 205/60R16 7x17 ET50 with 205/55R17 7.5x18 ET52 with 225/45R18 7.5x19 ET52 with 225/40R19 :thumbup1:
  14. mevin my aero kitted cooper

    The Projects
    just thought i would put up some pics of my cooper. The spec so far is aero kit 18'' team dynamics alloys kw coil overs piper x induction kit halo sidelights clear rear lights srtut brace (home made) modified battery box lid (because of my strut brace) Lohen side stripes sparco stone guards...
  15. Hammer Time

    The Projects
    Well a few months ago i got bored since i couldn't get much more done to the JCW without it either looking silly or venturing into the unknown.... then i went to the seaside & bought a shell It started out life as a 52 plate Cooper but since then it's misplaced it's engine.... it also needed...
  16. My R56 Cooper

    The Projects
    When i got it it was standard as anything. No options, not even pepper pack! since then she has had a lot of different looks! i dont have a pic of when i first got her...but here is one of how she was... but she had the standard 15" rims and no stripes or xenons! first thing (regretably)...
  17. Hours of lolz

    MINI Chat
    Comixed Just found this page and has kept me amused for some time now :thumbup:
  18. My '03 DS MCS

    The Projects
    My '03 DS MCS, now '10 JCW Clubby Hi All Just thought 'd start a project thread for my R53 :tongue_smilie: In late Oct '09, I bought my DS MCS as a non-runner. Otherwise, it's a fairly well loaded MCS with sunroof, satnav, xenons, full leather, auto wipers, auto dimming rear mirror, and...
  19. How to change front wheel bearing?

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    I need to change the front wheel bearing on my Cat C project Mini Cooper S. Ive managed to pick a brand new one up cheap off ebay. How hard a job is it? Do i need any special tools, press etc? Could someone please do me avery quick step by step? :thumbup:
  20. The Best MINI's - <3 MINI's

    MINI Photobooth
    I've created this thread so we can gain inspiration from the best looking MINI's accross the world. So if you think a particular MINI deserves to be showcased, then stick up the pics here. The rules... Post pics of your favourite MINI's from all over the world NO chat allowed only pics, chat...