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  1. MINI Parts Wanted
    I am looking for a second set of wheels and tyres I can use for a track day. This is for a R53, preferably 16inch, but not to fussed. Ideally a semi slick but need to be road legal to drive to and from tracks. Mounted ideally. Lighter wheels preferred over looks. Can pick up if the...
  2. MINI For Sale
    EDIT/ NO LONGER REQUIRED - Thank you. Looking for a clean and tidy R56 JCW. 70k max N18 Engine (so I guess 2012-2014?) Modded/not modded Preferably with HK and Sat-Nav Preferably Red or Grey, maybe Black Up to 12k for the one that ticks the most of my boxes and is in good condition. Cash...
    £12,000 GBP
  3. MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi All, looking for a JCW Exhaust for my Cooper s R56. Please message me if you have one! thanks, Phil
  4. MINI Chat
    Hi All, I’ve just got mself a mini Cooper a R56 and looking for some parts! If anyone has the following for sale let me know :) induction kit heat shield JCW back box ( I prefer the look ) many thanks.
  5. MINI Parts Wanted
    Afternoon all. My brother has recently purchased an R56 and is after some Coilovers (any spec), holla what you got please. Thanks
  6. New to Mini Torque?
    Hi, I am new to both Minis and mini torque so please bare with me as I'm sure I will be asking the same old questions as most newbies. I have bought a salvage Cat D 2012 R56 JCW and plan on using it for both general driving and track days, I have some plans but firstly I want to repair it...
  7. MINI Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set of 4 wheels, with or without tyres. Need these asap. I have a budget but cash waiting...
  8. MINI Parts Wanted
    Back in a R56 now so after some coilovers. As before dont have to be anything that exciting, car probably will never go on a track, just after something for atheistics set of APs would be perfect. Anything considered as long as they are realistically priced
  9. The Projects
    Well, after some thinking and a few mods I've started modifying my '06 JCW R53. Big mods started some weeks ago when I ordered the 4-2-1 with 100 cells cat to Mini Motorsport UK. I also got the 225hp remap soon to fit a camshaft. Hope to get after that around 235-240hp. Dry battery's been...
1-9 of 500 Results