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    Hi, After some advice please. Car has 64k on the clock, 02 plate. The problems started when lowering on Bilstien B14s a few months ago. Initially, the car was pretty low and the driveshaft wobble was awful. Since then I've had the suspension raised as high as it'll go, but i'm still noticing...
  2. Faults & Fixes
    Right I need to pick some brains please! Essentially when I get above 5,000rpm in 3rd gear I get a pretty violent vibration of the whole car... If i then chuck it into 5th it stops It also happens in other gears but not as much and I've been scared to test it over the christmas period in case...
  3. Faults & Fixes
    As per the title really. At constant speed its completely fine but under hard acceleration i get vibration through the front end of the car , mainly steering wheel. Any ideas? I have a feeling after searching around online it could be a driveshaft problem.. Its worst in 2nd gear above 2000rpm...
1-3 of 3 Results