1. Best Tyres for R56 Cooper S?

    MINI Chat
    Hi MT Users, Will shortly be needing a fresh set of front tyres for my R56 Cooper S, and with Spring/Summer approaching, I want to explore my options. Any recommendations? I'm not looking to spend huuggeee amounts of money, I've heard Uniroyal Rainsport 3's are quite good? Any suggestions...
  2. You best track focused tyres?

    R53 General
    Guys I have a track only R53 and am looking for my first set of tyres to replace the standard road versions I bought the car with. I have no experience whatsoever in the area, so relying on your feedback. I’m still new to this scene and looking at spending no more than £400 for the set. I’m...
  3. Nexen Tyres in 205.50.15

    Other Stuff
    These are brand new still stickered and never been mounted, 205.50.15 Nexen HD Plus Rated 'A' for wet grip and only 69db Priced at £150, located in Bridgend. You can contact me on 07530116271 or by PM on here.
  4. Wheel & Tyre size help.

    MINI Chat
    So I'm getting some AP's for my R56 Cooper and now that it will be low, I can get some non OEM rims. Decided on 16's as I want it low..but not too low without an archgap. Problem is; 16 inch tyres are quite a bit more expensive than 15's. So just want to know if anyone's running 15's or 16's...
  5. Wheel Help please

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hi, I have a r53 cooper s on a 02 plate, so I have 17" wheels and 205/45/17 tyres. I have just bought some winter tyres of this size and I'm now looking for some new wheels to fit my current tyres, so I don't have to keep going to the garage twice a year to swap tyres over. So the wheels I...
  6. Pair of 205/45/17 Tyres - £30

    Other Stuff
    FOR SALE - A pair of HiFly HF805 205/45/17 88W Extra Load tyres Here for sale I have a pair of 205/45/17 tyres that were recently removed from my Cooper S. These were on the front wheels of the car when I bought it, and were removed as I had the full set of tyres replaced for a brand new...
  7. Mid Range tyres for Cooper S R57 2010

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Runflats are almost dead............ Looking at some mid ranged non-RF's Falken ZE914's for about £300 for all 4 seems ok (Costco quoted £156 EACH for Michelins!) Any other viable options
  8. [R53/R56] Steering wheel, stubby aerial, rubber floor mats, winter tyres and more!

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Brand new MINI Seal & Protect paint protection kit Hi guys, I've sold my car and have the following bits left for sale. All parts are genuine. Collection from Nottingham City Centre also welcome. MINI Seal & Protect kit, never used, £100 + p&p The bottles are, from left to right, - Wheel Rim...
  9. tweedbean's R53 MCS

    The Projects
    As project orange was completed, I have decided to start a new thread around my car showing where it started, what it looks like now and what my future plans are. This is less of a project and more of an ongoing thing. Its a 2004 facelift MINI Cooper S. I was bitten by the modding bug after a...
  10. RaffaIsOnFire: R53 Cooper S Facelift

    The Projects
    RaffaIsOnFire: R53 Cooper S Facelift powered by krumm! hi there, my name is Raffa and i'm from Germany! some of you may recognize me from motoring-underground or the german MINI-boards. decided to join you guys to keep an eye on the scene in GB! here are my MINIs! sold my R50 Cooper (...
  11. Fatandre R53

    The Projects
    This is my Mini
  12. Camshaft testing - stock vs Piper vs NS1

    R53 Tried and Tested
    R50 Camshaft testing - stock vs Piper vs NS1 Hi guys, as you can see from the title this is about a few tests i did on my R50. Thought it would be interesting to share with you. At first, i have to explain a few things about the performance tests i chose, and the meaning of them. The...
  13. the gt5 trade/swap/loan thread

    Games Zone
    spotted these threads on a couple of forums:thumbup1: thought we could have a minitorque one aswell. so this is the place if you need a certain car for a certain race but dont have the funds to get it:blush: so far ive got: ft-86 concept-stock mazda rx-7 spirit r- 372bhp/1270kg skyline r34...
  14. Green Dragon or Kavs Motorsport (KMT) 002

    The Projects
    Hi boys, I actually more or less finished my Blue racer project (of course 300% maintance will still be included and also few changes in interior maybe) and after hard working every mile in this 120000 km long period (the engine is still without problems) and huh heh maybe 5000+ km on the track...
  15. My Mini turning into a Major Adventure

    The Projects
    Right, thought it was about time to get a project thread up after being on here for over 2 years now. Purchased my "optioned up" Mini just over 2 years ago after having my beloved Clio 182 rear ended. That car was awesome as all I did was change the seats and away you went, no mods needed. I...
  16. Dave89's R53

    The Projects
    Finally got round to getting a project thread for my car, here's the starting spec: Stock Sept 2003 Cooper S 37,800 miles. - Black II with white roof, mirror caps, bonnet stripes and white S-Spokes. - Runflats :thumbdown: - Front Spots - Body coloured front grille slats + Boot handle -...
  17. mevin my aero kitted cooper

    The Projects
    just thought i would put up some pics of my cooper. The spec so far is aero kit 18'' team dynamics alloys kw coil overs piper x induction kit halo sidelights clear rear lights srtut brace (home made) modified battery box lid (because of my strut brace) Lohen side stripes sparco stone guards...
  18. 'Mini Minstrel' (Failing upwards / not worthy of waffle)

    The Projects
    Been doing some bit to my car lately so thought it'd be a good chance to start a project thread! Started off purchasing my MCS in March off my brother. Standard MCS with Chilli & Vision Pack. First mod on the agenda *Aero grills Pure cheese on toast.. *some lamo car meet* Then a...
  19. Mini 15" Alloys with Tyres *Reduced*

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Mini 15" alloys with tyres. need these gone asap. Tyres are in ok condition probably with about 2-3mm left maybe a little less. Selling due to upgrading. Price: £40.00 Many thanks