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  1. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hi All! First post so please be gentle! I have a 2013 Paceman JCW on 18’s and need to replace the tyres. Standard size is 225/45/18 but considering replacing with 225/50/18 or maybe 235/50/18. Anyone done this or know if it would cause any problems? Understand it might impact speedo accuracy...
  2. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    What are the maximum tyre specs that can be fit in the 17" CrownSpoke rims of a 2008 MiniCooperS?
  3. Dyno Figures
    Welcome to the 2011 Mini Torque Rolling Road League Table. This thread has been created to find out what sort of power, both at the wheels and at the fly, is being made by Mini Torque members in 2011. To be added to the table please post up a copy of your dyno graph as an attachment to your...
1-3 of 205 Results