1. K03 Hybrid failing... give me your advice

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi everyone, I've been running a JMTC S42 turbo for almost a year now and the internal gate decided to start rattling and flopping around everywhere, and its given me nothing but issues. I've been thinking of a few solutions and want your advice Idea 1) Buy a replacement hot side housing. This...
  2. Induction Kit Recommendations...

    MINI Chat
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some advice as to which Induction Kit to go for on my R56 Cooper S (N18). I'm actually struggling to find any Induction Kit other than the AEM Kit with under-bonnet scoop but it's a bit steep at over £350.00! :scared: Any suggestions? Anyone selling any in good...
  3. Advice needed for FORGE MOTORSPORT BOV 2010 R56

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi guys, So I've bought a kit second hand and of course it's missing a part. The part it's missing is the boost gauge adapter, this sits under the MAP sensor and has a vacuum pipe to a nipple on the solenoid. My question is, do I need this if I don't have a boost gauge? I want to get this on...
  4. Turbo question

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys. I have a question about turbo wastegate. Is there supposed to be any free play in wastegate arm?
  5. Joel's Daily R56

    The Projects
    Hi all, I may have met a good few of you at Lohen's recent Rolling Road day. As a newbie to the 'new' MINIs, it was a great day to source inspiration from devotees! Today, the car has the following mods: K&N flat panel air filter Airtec intercooler (thanks to the recent MT group-buy of sorts)...
  6. RMW Project X

    The Projects
    Here we will go through the journey of making a turn key race car from the ground up. All of the people who helped to make this a reality. The many sponsors, friends and family. I can't thank everyone enough. It's been tough meshing everyone together with time lines, health issues, death and...
  7. Alta-Billett big turbo for r56 S 1140gbp

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Big turbo kit for r56 S mini. Used only for 2000km before the customer change the car. This has the benefits of the stock turbo in that it bolts on with no additional parts or modifications to parts. It makes more HP than the JCW turbo (roughly 15% more), the responsiveness is very similar to...
  8. Noob with a R56 JCW 'S'

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hello there, I have just recently purchased my first Mini. Just so happens to be this beaut.. (Pics are off an iPhone so sorry for crappy quality) Cleaned it and QuikWaxed it One from when it snowed It has the heated leather Recaro front seats :D These wheels will be going on...
  9. Project Stealth One

    The Projects
    I thought I'd start this thread to begin documenting the progress of my conversion from One to S. I've owned my car over 4 years now, and the time has come to up the ante and start making it in to the car I've always wanted. As most of you know, I've already yapped on about this long enough...
  10. Why the R56 should be fitted with a catch can/oil separator from factory...

    MINI Chat
    Why is it not the case that direct injection engines use a catch can/oil separator from factory?
  11. R56 S v R56 JCW

    R56 General
    Seriously thinking about buying a R56 noe that there are serious tuning options available. However is it worthwhile spending the extra $$$$ on getting a JCW or just get an S and whack a hybrid turbo on it? If I do get one I plan of modding the shit out of the engine
  12. For Sale: R56 Samco turbo inlet hose & jubilee clip set (Brand New!)

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi guys. :) This is the very last R56 part I have left for sale. Brand new, never used, Samco turbo induction hose finished in black. It also comes complete with genuine Samco jubilee clips too. Genuine reason for sale...... Its taken so long to arrive that I actually sold my car in the...
  13. <3 Cars

    MINI Free Zone
    Any cars you find that are worth posting up go for it...
  14. OBD-II Fault Code List

    Faults & Fixes
    For those of you with a ScanGauge or any other OBD-II reader, here is a list of all BMW fault codes that could come up when you have a fault: B0001 PCM Discrete Input Speed Signal Error B0004 PCM Discrete Input Speed Signal Not Present B0005 In Park Switch Circuit Malfunction B0016 RF/Passenger...