1. Anybody got some AP/ST Coilovers for sale for a r53 Cooper S?

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi All, I am currently on the hunt for some coilovers for my 2005 Cooper S
  2. R56 Non S Switchable Map

    Tuning Discussion
    Hi All, I'm after a crackle and pop map for my R56 Cooper (non s) and wanted to know if anyone knew if I could get a switchable map, that I can change with a physical button. It would be nice to not have popping and banging when I'm driving round my street late at night. Any help is appreciated.
  3. New to Mini's

    Tuning Discussion
    Good evening everyone, As the post mentions, I'm new to Mini's, my previous car was a BMW 535D. So decided to down size to a quick hatchback and a Cooper S popped in my head. So now own a 2004 Cooper S in black, only thing done to the car is a Denza Cat back system ( sounds amazing ) looking to...
  4. What remap

    Tuning Discussion
    Hi I am a new mini owner a though it's a dirty diesel, 2009 Cooper. I want more power but I have been told ecu needs removing etc but they are unsure until they see it? Does anyone know if this is true or if they need to as I don't want to waste there or my time. I live in Poole so anywhere...
  5. Mini R56-R59 Brand New Shrick Camshafts

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    Brand NEW and unused Schrick 252/10 camshafts. These camshafts are a set. One camshaft for intake and one for exhasut. The part numbers are 0483E1521-00 and 0483E1521-00 as seen in the Schrick catalogue. 252 degree and 10mm lift on both camshafts. These camshafts are the perfect addition to...
  6. choosing an ECU tuning house

    R56 General
    When deciding to tuning the ECU of the mini, what should one keep in mind in order to select the best ECU tuning house? For example, for me, its a plus to be able to toggle between the stock and the tuning maps that have been programmed in the mini. What else should i be looking for?
  7. Mini Cooper D 112 (bmw) tuning?

    Tuning Discussion
    Hi, I have recently bought a 2011 "Dooper" of which I am looking for a bit more poke out of. I have contacted ages local tuning companies but they mostly specialise in VW's ? so I am hoping for a little advice of what power I can take it up to and what mods I would need. I have read a thread...
  8. Fitting LSD and Spotlights to My Mini - Advice please!

    Tuning Discussion
    I've just purchased a 59 reg Mini Cooper and the handling is not as great as my old Cooper S and this is somewhat disappointing! My last Mini had a LSD fitted and of course this made loads of difference so I'm thinking of getting one fitted to my current mini. I live on the Wirral so would be...
  9. Mini Cooper R50 Playmini Cat-Back Exhaust FOR SALE £200 O.N.O

    LHello, Up for sale is my Playmini Cat-Back Exhaust system which came off my 2006 Mini Cooper. The exhaust is in excellent condition, it was on the vehicle for less than 1000 miles and was just starting to get the run in properly, meaning the sound produced by the system was rather special. The...
  10. Mini JCW Tuning advice please!

    Tuning Discussion
    Hi Guys.. First post so go easy, I have had a lot of great information form the site which has spurred me into getting a JCW Mini R58, since I bought it I have now got 7000 miles on her and had the Forge FMIC fitted, Forge BOV fitted, Sport De cat Fitted and aFe Dry Filter . I then decided...
  11. Lohen - R53 In-House Tuning. Released 28th March, 2013

    Trader Announcements
    Hi Guys and Girls, Just to make you aware Lohen will be releasing details of our in-house mapping, with information on the many extras we have improved on the standard ECU's for R53 Cooper S's. Information will be detailed in this thread on 28th March, 2013. Thanks for your patience - details...
  12. Wagner Tuning @ Autosport International

    Trader Announcements
    Some of you may well have seen us @ Autosport International this year. Here are some of the highlights ... Some Audi parts for you ... Some BMW parts for you ... if you are interested. Our new 330d/335d Intercooler N55 downpipe with Race Cat attached to a very nice TTE hybrid...
  13. Wagner Tuning About & Contact Information

    Trader Announcements
    Wagner Tuning have been supplying performance parts for many years. Head office based in Germany, now with offices in the US and UK. Contact details :- Germany Website :- Wagner Tuning - Wagner Engineering Email :- [email protected] Phone :- +49 (0) 34901 949159 Facebook :- Wagner...
  14. Tune and Injectors...need help!

    Engine & Drivetrain
    G'day guys, I've had my 04 MCS since feb 12 and browsed Mini2 for help since then but now I need clarification for my proposed set up. Currently I have installed: 15% Pulley, ALTA CAI, Milltek cat-back and OBX ignition coil plus leads. My plan VERY soon is to fit: GRS motorsport version IC...
  15. Experienced, no nonsense, straight talkers required.

    MINI Chat
    Hello all, Having bought my R53 'S' (finally), fitted my new 17" Rota Grids and tyres I am looking where to go next. Basically I intend to have a fast road / track day car build which will span my pay packets over the next few months. I am no stranger to form > function with my last car...
  16. Evolve-R remote flash/ecu tuner

    Engine & Drivetrain
    There has been a lot of talk about switchable remaps for the R56 MCS and the possibility of us tuning cars that are unable to visit us - due to distance. We now have a solution. The evolve-R. This remote cable is one that you (the end user) keeps and can flash in files using your laptop...
  17. Simon's R56 S

    The Projects
    In 2009 I bought a 52' plate Cooper S in Electric Blue with a white roof. During my ownership I added the full Aerokit, R112 alloys, EBC discs and pads and a Milltek catback exhaust. I sold it in June last year for personal reasons and ended up in a cheap diesel for a little while. My...
  18. Factory JCW 2009 Build and Tuning Guide/Input/Explained

    The Projects
    FACTORY JCW 2009 BUILD AND TUNING GUIDE / INPUT / EXPLAINED Hi to everyone reading this. Im making this thread or guide to show what I have done since I bought my car in april 2009. and then I will continue to the current build, that will resume in January 2011. Im using my archive photos...
  19. R56 S v R56 JCW

    R56 General
    Seriously thinking about buying a R56 noe that there are serious tuning options available. However is it worthwhile spending the extra $$$$ on getting a JCW or just get an S and whack a hybrid turbo on it? If I do get one I plan of modding the shit out of the engine
  20. My Mini turning into a Major Adventure

    The Projects
    Right, thought it was about time to get a project thread up after being on here for over 2 years now. Purchased my "optioned up" Mini just over 2 years ago after having my beloved Clio 182 rear ended. That car was awesome as all I did was change the seats and away you went, no mods needed. I...