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  1. Tuning Discussion
    Hi, I’ve got an MCS on order and wondered what Stage 1 route to go? I like the idea of a Custom Map but an easily removable option would be more practical; JB4, Evolve-R, etc. Thanks in advance
  2. Tuning Discussion
    Found it really difficult to research how to get more out of my standard Cooper three pot, as most mods seem to be on the S, so now I've taken the plunge I wanted to pass on what I learned. I ended up buying a Racechip RS for £200 (£170 after a cashback deal) and have now fitted it. Took 15...
  3. MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi All, I am currently on the hunt for some coilovers for my 2005 Cooper S
  4. Tuning Discussion
    Hi All, I'm after a crackle and pop map for my R56 Cooper (non s) and wanted to know if anyone knew if I could get a switchable map, that I can change with a physical button. It would be nice to not have popping and banging when I'm driving round my street late at night. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Tuning Discussion
    Good evening everyone, As the post mentions, I'm new to Mini's, my previous car was a BMW 535D. So decided to down size to a quick hatchback and a Cooper S popped in my head. So now own a 2004 Cooper S in black, only thing done to the car is a Denza Cat back system ( sounds amazing ) looking to...
  6. Tuning Discussion
    Hi I am a new mini owner a though it's a dirty diesel, 2009 Cooper. I want more power but I have been told ecu needs removing etc but they are unsure until they see it? Does anyone know if this is true or if they need to as I don't want to waste there or my time. I live in Poole so anywhere...
  7. MINI Parts For Sale
    Brand NEW and unused Schrick 252/10 camshafts. These camshafts are a set. One camshaft for intake and one for exhasut. The part numbers are 0483E1521-00 and 0483E1521-00 as seen in the Schrick catalogue. 252 degree and 10mm lift on both camshafts. These camshafts are the perfect addition to...
  8. R56 General
    When deciding to tuning the ECU of the mini, what should one keep in mind in order to select the best ECU tuning house? For example, for me, its a plus to be able to toggle between the stock and the tuning maps that have been programmed in the mini. What else should i be looking for?
  9. Tuning Discussion
    Hi, I have recently bought a 2011 "Dooper" of which I am looking for a bit more poke out of. I have contacted ages local tuning companies but they mostly specialise in VW's ? so I am hoping for a little advice of what power I can take it up to and what mods I would need. I have read a thread...
  10. Tuning Discussion
    I've just purchased a 59 reg Mini Cooper and the handling is not as great as my old Cooper S and this is somewhat disappointing! My last Mini had a LSD fitted and of course this made loads of difference so I'm thinking of getting one fitted to my current mini. I live on the Wirral so would be...
  11. Exterior
    LHello, Up for sale is my Playmini Cat-Back Exhaust system which came off my 2006 Mini Cooper. The exhaust is in excellent condition, it was on the vehicle for less than 1000 miles and was just starting to get the run in properly, meaning the sound produced by the system was rather special. The...
1-11 of 320 Results