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  1. MINI Parts Wanted
    Hey, I'm going for a full chrome finish on my bezels but I'm having trouble finding a dual speedo/tacho for a reasonable price. Do you guys have any recommendations or are you selling/trading yourselves? As it's excluded in all kits I've come across, the few I've found are sold for prices that...
  2. MINI Chat
    I've lost a little bit of trim from my clubman....r55 Where the chrome window trim meets the back doors there is a plug for the end (no bigger than thumb nail)... Any ideas how to replace it... Thanks in advance. Matt
  3. Exterior
    Bottom lip of the front bumper trim is scraping, anybody cut it or trimmed it down ?
  4. Interior
    I have recently bough a second hand R50 and it's in brilliant condition apart from a few scuff marks on the interior plastic trim. Has anyone got any tips or products they used to bring it back to looking like new and removing the marks? Or is it like trying to polish a turd? Cheers guys
1-4 of 133 Results