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  1. Faults & Fixes
    Hi all first post on here, I recently bought an 07 Cooper S r56 with 54000 miles on the clock. The day after i bought it the EML came on with check emissions light, the car also struggled to rev over 4000rpm, almost as if there is boost below 4000rpm then it cuts out, it seems like it is never...
  2. R53 General
    So i have a problem and im hoping to get advice on whos right and whos wrong so bare with me here; So about 5 weeks ago i buy my new R53 2005 89k miles. Few minor issues so i decide to get to work. I bring it to my mechanic who i always use to get an oil and filter changed. He does that about...
  3. Faults & Fixes
    1. Is it possible to lose engine oil from the timing chain tensioner? 2. If so, under what circumstances can this happen?
1-3 of 3 Results