1. R56 Colant Temp Sensor Replacement

    R56 General
    Just replacing the temp sensor today and hit an issue when refitting the green clip, no I haven't lost it but magnetic wands are very useful!! The sensor doesn't sit deep enough down when the rubber washer is fitted meaning the clip won't sit over the top of the sensor and the sensor just comes...
  2. Temperatre when idling in traffic

    R53 General
    Hello all, This is my first threat so I hope I am doing things the right way :w00t: I have a r53 jcw and I notice that the operating temperatures are quite high when stuck in traffic. On long traffic queues it reaches 111 C and then the big fan kicks in and drops to 100... This happens also in...
  3. FS: Enlarged Throttle body for R50 One/Cooper

    MINI Parts For Sale
    For sale: R50 Throttle body, professionally enlarged to 57mm. £160 (cost £371) Collection from Hook, Hampshire or I can arrange postage at cost.
  4. R56 Challenge car part numbers & prices.

    MINI Chat
    Hi all, after a trip to the stealer's I thought I would post up the part numbers (freely available on RealOEM) and the prices I've just been given by the stealer's. Exhaust System: Part Numbers & Prices: 1) Complete exhaust system: 18108308878 £582.35 inc VAT 2) Rear silencer: 18128308919...
  5. mcs_jcw

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi there! This is mcs_jcw. I'm happy to be among you! I'll check the forum and I'll try to help as much as I can in whatever aspect related to our cars. Cheers!:thumbup: I also belong to another mini club in Spain. If I'm allowed to tell you the name I'll be happy doing it. Just need an...
  6. ScanGauge II - 10% off!

    MINI Group Buys
    SCA001 ScangaugeII ScangaugeII is a highly versatile and simple to operate car computer, compatible with the MINI's OBD2 protocols. Features ScanGaugeII - The 3-in-one Automotive Computer with XGauge The ScanGaugeII is an extremely compact automotive computer designed to read and...