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  1. MINI Parts For Sale
    For sale, Set of OEM brake lines front and rear removed from my JCW at approx 14k miles
    £20 GBP
  2. MINI Parts For Sale
    For sale, Excellent condition JCW suspension. Removed from my car at about 14k miles when I fitted kw's. I kept them in my garage in a storage box just incase I needed them. Just taking up space so thought I'd sell them and use the pennies for new tyers. I think they will fit any R56, 57,58...
    £280 GBP
  3. MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi All, I am currently on the hunt for some coilovers for my 2005 Cooper S
  4. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    So I finally gave in when my top mounts cracked the other day and brought myself some coilovers. I know there are lots of threads on here about coilovers but these are pretty unknown and worth telling people about, I've split the review into three sections buying, daily and track use. I was...
  5. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hi guys, I'm not too mechanical and want to minimise question-hassle to my mechanics I've got an R53 with everything stock wheel/suspension-wise. I'd like to get smaller wheels (probably 16" - maybe 15") with chunkier (non-runflat) tyres. I want the car to be lowered as far as tyres allow and...
  6. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hi guys! New to Minitorque! Looking for some advice, opinions etc. I am looking at getting my car lowered, I originally thought of springs but I want to be lower than 35mm realistically. So I thought of coils. Has anyone used AP coils before? If so, what are they like? I'm not looking for...
  7. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    hello people i need some help im new to here and im hoping someone has had the same problem any advice would be a big help. i recently replaced control arm bushes, balljoints, droplinks and struts, strutmounts and coilsprings i changed to FK shocks with eibach lowering springs and since the...
  8. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    I've just had my coilovers (ap's) fitted. It's my first experience of coilovers, so I am more than happy with the ride and looks. Definitely sorted the un expectantly wallowy suspension of my fjcw! However, at the front it seems to have settled slightly lower on the drivers side for obvious...
  9. MINI Chat
    Hopefully getting some AP's at the beginning of the week and just would like to know whether I'm going to need spacers on the front? Want to get the spacers ordered so I can use the coilovers asap. Currently on Team Dynamic 1.2's which are ET45 and 7J. Thanks and sorry for another nooby AP...
  10. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hi There. Looking at buying a JCW and want to upgrade suspension or get anti sway/roll bars. I can only afford one or the other. Which will make the most difference/ you recommend? 1) Coilovers Probably AP AP Coilovers Mini R56 (Cooper S,Cooper,One) 1.6 T/1.6D (06-) 2) Eibach anti roll bars...
  11. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hi, I have a r53 cooper s on a 02 plate, so I have 17" wheels and 205/45/17 tyres. I have just bought some winter tyres of this size and I'm now looking for some new wheels to fit my current tyres, so I don't have to keep going to the garage twice a year to swap tyres over. So the wheels I...
  12. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hi all, Im booked in with Plush at the end of the month for an air ride install. Im going for an Airrex strut/bag with v2 management, ive researched it all as much as i can, i know all about the management, but its a struggle to find much info about the airrex struts themselves. I Know most of...
  13. MINI Parts Wanted
    After a set of used r53 control arms to sort out my rear wheel camber, has anyone got a set for sale ?
  14. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Everyone that has MeisterRs on their car, please post your pics on here with detail on how low, it will help me decide whether to go with them or not! Thank u!
  15. MINI Parts For Sale
    Ok need some help with this, I have my old R56 MCS stock suspension sitting around, its done about 42,000 and is from Feb 2007 Does anyone want it and how much does this sort of thing go for?
1-15 of 265 Results