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  1. Faults & Fixes
    Ive tried it many different ways now and in the process have managed to break the plastic clip that secures it to the supercharger (In hindsight i shouldnt have put the bolt in until everything was lined up ; i was just trying to stop it from coming apart again) Im now at a complete loss...
  2. R53 General
    Got in touch with 1320 mini yesterday and have booked for the supercharger pulley reduction and cooler plugs etc to be done on the 2nd of november! Now im REALLY excited :) Any general tips and advice etc. please let me know! :D
  3. MINI Parts Wanted
    :)Hi all, I am looking for an R53 Teflon coated supercharger, with or without w/p. Low mileage preferred but happy to hear about any available! Many thanks in advance :)
  4. MINI Photobooth
    Hi all So I've had my R53 for about a year and a bit now. Finally got a series of good mods done. More to come along with some details. But here is the mod list and pictures. Enjoy Mod List: 17% Pulley Colder Plugs Orranje Stealth Intake GRS Motorsport Intercooler Milltek Cat Back Janspeed...
  5. MINI Chat
    Just a quick video I did of the exhaust / supercharger wine and head mounted drive of my R53 recently. If you're bored and have a spare 5 mins check it out. Cheers! Watch in 480 or 720p as YouTube has done something really weird with the 1080p upload..
1-5 of 200 Results