1. R53 Teflon Supercharger

    MINI Parts Wanted
    :)Hi all, I am looking for an R53 Teflon coated supercharger, with or without w/p. Low mileage preferred but happy to hear about any available! Many thanks in advance :)
  2. Stella The R53

    MINI Photobooth
    Hi all So I've had my R53 for about a year and a bit now. Finally got a series of good mods done. More to come along with some details. But here is the mod list and pictures. Enjoy Mod List: 17% Pulley Colder Plugs Orranje Stealth Intake GRS Motorsport Intercooler Milltek Cat Back Janspeed...
  3. Bored? - Quick Cooper S R53 Video

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    Just a quick video I did of the exhaust / supercharger wine and head mounted drive of my R53 recently. If you're bored and have a spare 5 mins check it out. Cheers! Watch in 480 or 720p as YouTube has done something really weird with the 1080p upload..
  4. Sprintex Supercharger Systems

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Sprintex - Superchargers and Supercharger Systems | BWM Mini Cooper S
  5. Water Pumps - Mechanical , Electrical - the pros and cons are

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    Bit of a waffle from me but I need to tell the whole story so you get the picture . :lol: As some of you know I changed my water pump form the mechanical one driven by the small gears off the supercharger to a Davies Craig EWP80 and was happy at first Now at Cadwell Park in July 2010 I had an...
  6. Mini Cooper S with a SL55 Supercharger? Info, please!

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    motoring|underground - View Single Post - House Of... MINI :confused1::confused1::confused1: